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The Recruitment Mentors Podcast - Hishem Azzouz EPISODE 208, 19th October 2020
A new chapter for the podcast
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A new chapter for the podcast

What I go over in this short episode.

* Why the change of name?

* Slight change of format and aim to level up the POD.

* Why launch Recruitment Mentors?

* The problem that hopefully, it can help solve.

* Being a founding member and launch timelines.

* I will continue bringing biller and recruitment entrepreneur stories so you can learn from the best.

* I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome and maybe I will see you in the community soon!

If you want to join the founding 20 then check it out here - https://founding20.recruitmentmentors.com/

I hope you enjoyed the episode, the best place to connect with me is on Linkedin - Hishem Azzouz.

If you would love me to cover certain topics with futures guests please drop me a message.

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Simply it will enable me to reach more people with the podcast, you can easily leave a review with the following link - https://ratethispodcast.com/recruitmentmentors 🙌🏻 👊🏻