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Episode 168: My Last Bad Day – the SHIFT – Interview Michael O’Brien
Episode 1683rd June 2020 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 168: My Last Bad Day - The SHIFT - Interview Michael O'Brien


On the morning of July 11, 2001, Michael O’Brien, an avid cyclist, was riding his bicycle on a New Mexico road when an SUV hit him head-on going 40 mph. The crushing accident left him near death as the mede-vac helicopter descended to take his broken body to be pieced back together. Today Michael is with us and will take us to the darkness of his accident and the long, slow road to recovery, but he’ll also take us to his shift - the moment when he decided it was the power of his mind that would decide the rest of his life. It wasn’t the tragedy that would define him, but how he responded to the tragedy.

I recently returned from a Genius Bootcamp, put on by Leslie Householder, in Arizona. The concept behind her teachings are a greater understanding of universal law and how to implement those laws for the greatest most powerful creations of our own lives. At the very foundation of universal law is the understanding of the power of the human mind. Where we focus our attention begins to create things spiritually, and eventually we bring those into the physical world - whether it’s an idea of something we want to create, attracting money, or changing our vibrations to live healthier or with more joy. Truth always ties into truth and as I read Michael O’Brien’s book Shift  and cheered him on as he intentionally chose the mindset and perspective that would help him make his way back into a life he wanted, I just smiled at the way this truth comes up over and over. This is why I’m always asking you, “What story are you telling yourself?” “Are you creating your life on purpose?” And “You’re responsible for creating the life story you want to tell.” It’s all about our personal agency to shift our story when needed.”

Listen to the audio program to hear Michael's story and how he shifted. We talk about questions like:

1. Your accident was almost 20 years ago and I believe your book just came out. When did you decide you wanted to start sharing your story and why?

2. Take us back to the accident - what do you remember?

3. What was the hardest part?

4. What would you do differently?

5. What were you most grateful for at the time?

6. How did the shift happen?

7. You have 20 tips at the back of your book - can you share your top 3?

When I talk about reframing our stories - the ones that are holding us back, I’m talking about this very thing - this SHIFT. When we are stuck in a story that isn’t serving us, we MUST understand that we can shift our perspective and change our interpretation in order to stay on higher vibrational levels - in order to stay out of the victim mindset - in order to live our best life story. 

I’m grateful to Michael for sharing his story and his shift and giving us a visual of what that looks like in action. The power of our minds more vast than we can comprehend. Use yours to create your best space: to lift you when you are down, to intentionally create the life you want, to overcome.

For more information on Michael and his books:

Books: My Last Bed Day Shift, and his memoir: Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows

Your challenge this week is to find a story that needs to shift for you. Are you in a fight with your spouse and you can choose to let go of a way of seeing something that can help you find a happier space? Are you holding a grudge - can you shift and give someone the benefit of the doubt? Do you have something bigger that needs a major shift? Try changing the thought and see what happens. Things only have the power we give them.

See you in two weeks on the next episode of Love Your Story