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Elizabeth Miller - Implementing Change with Widespread Adoption
Episode 2623rd March 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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This podcast episode is part of our Impact Series, featuring Elevate customers implementing transformative change. Kunoor Chopra, Vice President of Legal Services at Elevate, and Tashmin Ali, a Senior Commercial Attorney with Elevate's Contract Services Business, talk with Elizabeth Miller, Head of Legal Operations at Dolby Laboratories.

[01:00]   With inconsistent coordination and communication between stakeholders – Dolby needed to implement change.

[03:39]  Giving the stakeholders a voice in the process.

[05:55]  Outcomes, value, and results

[08:23]  A dedicated team, teamwork, and collaboration lead to widespread adoption.

[12:56]  The process continues to be enhanced.

[14:50]  The expected long-term impact of change – scalability, improved coordination, and knowledge management.

[17:06]  Stakeholders involved from the beginning have a sense of ownership.

[18:05]  A focus on engagement can go a long way.