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Elevate.Together.Podcast. - Elevate Services EPISODE 26, 23rd March 2021
Elizabeth Miller - Implementing Change with Widespread Adoption
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Elizabeth Miller - Implementing Change with Widespread Adoption

This podcast episode is part of our Impact Series, featuring Elevate customers implementing transformative change. Kunoor Chopra, Vice President of Legal Services at Elevate, and Tashmin Ali, a Senior Commercial Attorney with Elevate's Contract Services Business, talk with Elizabeth Miller, Head of Legal Operations at Dolby Laboratories.

[01:00]   With inconsistent coordination and communication between stakeholders – Dolby needed to implement change.

[03:39]  Giving the stakeholders a voice in the process.

[05:55]  Outcomes, value, and results

[08:23]  A dedicated team, teamwork, and collaboration lead to widespread adoption.

[12:56]  The process continues to be enhanced.

[14:50]  The expected long-term impact of change – scalability, improved coordination, and knowledge management.

[17:06]  Stakeholders involved from the beginning have a sense of ownership.

[18:05]  A focus on engagement can go a long way.