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Revelation Chapter 14
Episode 178th June 2022 • EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY • Dr. Paula
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Join Dr. Paula McDonald in this 17th lesson on the Book of Revelation, focusing on Chapter 14. Visit her website for supporting study pages via link here and pull out your Bible. Be ready to experience unpacking scripture line by line, word by word. If you've never studied the Scriptures in this way, we hope you experience His word and its meaning with the full breadth and depth that God has waiting for you.

In Chapter 14, we are reminded who wins the battle against Satan and that it is God who wins! Verses 1-5 place shift our focus from the beeast of Chapter 13 back onto God's loyal believers.


Welcome to Exhale Bible Discovery. Each week we'll take a deep dive into the Bible, going line by line and chapter by chapter to discover the truths that God has for us in his word.

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