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Mental Wellness of Nurses with Dr Miriam Smith Untapped Keg Ep 127
Episode 1272nd October 2022 • Untapped Keg • Untapped Keg
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Mental Wellness of Nurses with Dr Miriam Smith Untapped Keg Ep 127

How is the nursing shortage affecting the mental wellness of nurses? Dr Miriam Smith, from the Empowering New Nurses Podcast, stops by to break that down. We also touch on how that can affect patients who go in for detox and a lack of compassion towards them.

RJ Zimmerman talks with Dr Miriam Smith about Nursing, mental wellness in the field, and how to be able to find compassion for those you are treating. Being a nurse is about more than just medical knowledge, and you can find out what else that is in this episode! 

RJ and Miriam really get into how the shortage of people is affecting those nurses who really want to make an impact on patients every day. Their conversation really gets in quick and doesn’t stay past its welcome.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

2:00 Who Is Dr Miriam Smith

8:00 Miriam Giving Her Experience

14:00 How To Handle Detox

18:00 The Nursing Shortage

25:00 Mental Wellness of Nurses

28:00 Dr Smith’s Final Thoughts

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