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The Business of Psychology - Dr Rosie Gilderthorp EPISODE 6, 10th April 2020
How Psychologist Kate Quinn Uses Heavy Metal To Build Community And Change Lives
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How Psychologist Kate Quinn Uses Heavy Metal To Build Community And Change Lives

How a Psychologist Uses Heavy Metal to Build Community and Change Lives

In this interview with Dr Kate Quinn I learn how, alongside a hectic NHS role, Kate built a community of "metal heads" who use heavy metal music to process and deal with their emotions. As a self confessed mainstream kind of girl I was fascinated by the science behind using metal music in this way. It makes total sense that music that speaks to your emotions would be more effective than generic music that is SUPPOSED to be relaxing (but just makes many of us want to visit the bathroom).

Kate also tells us the HOW. How she managed to take this from an awesome idea to a movement that is helping thousands of people. It is inspiring stuff but also worth grabbing a note pad (or your phone) to take a note of some of the practical steps Kate talks us through.

I hope you'll enjoy this podcast episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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