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Lunch and Unlearn - Bryana Clover and Dr. Jessica Petty EPISODE 8, 30th August 2020
Say Their Names
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Say Their Names

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion educators Bryana Clover and Dr. Jessica Petty create brave spaces for candid conversations on race equity, with a specific focus on its intersection with ableism, sexism, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 

In this episode, Bry and Jess acknowledge the violence against Black people by the hands of police, and discuss the myriad of emotions that this brings up for them. They remind their listeners and themselves that knowledge is a powerful tool for collective conversation. It is hard. And, it is messy. But they choose to enter this brave space and embrace that discomfort with their listeners because that is the only way we move from clear dialogue to meaningful action. 


Police Shootings Database