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Team Alignment on Complex Projects
20th November 2018 • The Constructrr Podcast • Brittanie Campbell-Turner
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This is a special episode, focused on the Team. I must give a special thank you to my guests where they discussed the importance of leadership and developing safe social constructs in order to create resilient, humble and effective teams. Teams that can create clear goals and reach them.

So you’ll be hearing from a collection of guests that are talking about team as the focus when it comes to the built environment. We have pulled together snippets of constructrr episodes from:

  • Michael DeLacey - Founder of Microdesk
  • Olfa Hamdi - Founder of Concord Project Technologies
  • Damon Hernandez - Founder and Executive Director of AEC Hackathon
  • Mike Petrusky - Director of Events and Growth Marketing at iOffice and Host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast - Enhancing Your Employee Experience
  • Todd Burns - President of Project and Development Services and General Contracting Units at JLL in the Americas
  • Karen Martin - Founder of the The Karen Martin Group, Inc
  • Thomas Cox - Lean Leadership Coach and Blockchain Governance Expert
  • Tony Llewelyn - Resolex
  • Michael Carr - President of MOCA’s software products division, Touchplan and a co-founder of MOCA
  • Jon Gordon - Author of The Power of Positive Leadership

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