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Geek This
7th November 2018 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Every Wednesday, Dave Clements explores the geek culture we love and love to hate, including comics, film, and television. All with minimal nerd rage.



I liked the way the show started off with the introduction. You explain what the show is about, and then what you would cover in the episode. You did a good job of explaining how to subscribe and then got right to the content. Then after the introduction explained what the show is, you did again (quickly, just an FYI). Then after explaining what was coming on the show before the subscription part, you explained again what was going to be on the episode (not needed). Then when you bring in your co-host you use the "two people - one microphone" recording technique and it really makes your audio take a turn for the worse. You can easily buy two microphones and a mixer or a Focusrite interface and boost your audio quality.

Then the conversation sounds a little like you're not sure where you are going. I would advise you both know what points you want to make and then share the bullet points so you can keep the show moving. It sounds a bit like a planning session with alot of "I don't know," or "I didn't see that." You shouldn't be finding this out with the recorder going. While I understand you want this to be a conversation (and I admire that), I would still have a clear idea of where you were going, what points of view you wanted to share, and then start recording. The current version seemed a little lost.

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