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Regenerative Organic Certified
Episode 18th September 2021 • The Organic BC Podcast • Organic BC
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It was only a few years ago that I became aware of the term regenerative agriculture, and now, it's everywhere. We definitely wanted to include something on regenerative ag in the conference, and we settled on what you're about to hear: A conversation with Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Association, which oversees the Regenerative Organic Certified program. This new standard requires organic certification as a prerequisite, then adds additional requirements related to soil & land management, animal welfare, and social justice. Is this ‘beyond organic’ development the way the industry is headed? Elizabeth shares her perspective.

Also in the episode, a trip to the 2021 conference tradeshow, featuring a conversation with Larry Seymour of BCS America and their line of walk-behind tractors, implements, and accessories.

This episode is a re-release originally produced for Organic BC's 2021 BC Organic Conference.




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