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Episode 026 Self Love – Interview with Natalie Kristine Burrage, Love Yoga Flow Studio Owner and Self-Love Coach
15th March 2017 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Today we have a special guest: Natalie Kristine Burrage - a specialist and coach in loving yourself.

Bio: Love Yoga Flow Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher, and Self-proclaimed Creation Catalyst, Natalie Burrage loves to empower her clients from shifting from the trauma and drama of life into a space of purposeful and fun creation so they can create the life they've desired! Empowering her students with self-love is key as she watches them create the love, the money, the happiness, and the life they've been longing for. She often says that people hire her who are ready to get off the merry go round of self-delusion and temporary fixes and actually step into truth, empowerment, and doing whatever it takes (including fun!) to get the results they weren't previously able to create on their own.


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