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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side EPISODE 104, 27th January 2020
Finding Balance and Zen with Jessica Schiller Silverman
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Finding Balance and Zen with Jessica Schiller Silverman

On today's episode with Jessica Schiller Silverman, creator of MoZen Wellness, we talk about how to achieve a healthy balance in life and business. Caring for our physical, mental and emotional health is a product of nutrition, movement and mindfulness and Jessica shares her ideas about how to reach our potential. She coaches business owners who need help setting healthy boundaries and achieving success by staying in flow.

You can learn more about her by going to her website: https://www.mozenwellness.com/ or downloading her freebie here: https://jessicasilverman.vipmembervault.com/teaser/courses/view/6/. She also has an active Facebook group and Instagram account @mozen_wellness.

Jessica is just one of the 30 health experts presenting of Feb. 4th-6th at the EPIC Health Summit. You can register for that here: https://onthebrightersideofhealth.com/.