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#91. Churches Embracing Change: It Starts With the Leader
Episode 9119th December 2023 • Our Urban Voices • Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Pastor Mark Lee sharing on pastoring a church to change and grow in a culturally diverse community.

Churches are declining in the United States. What can be done to replant and grow a declining church?

Pastor Mark Lee has served at Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church since 2019. He is leading his congregation in embracing and engaging the ethnically diverse community around them.


  • Characteristics and Tenants of Biblical Leadership
  • Paul's Model for Church Leaders
  • Identifying and Implementing Change to Reverse Decline in Church Attendance


Pastor Mark Lee has served at Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church since 2019. He is a Graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. Mark is married to Minah and they have three adult children– a daughter and two sons.



01:49 - The group reflects the leader

02:01 - Characteristics of Biblical leadership

02:18 - Humility, Selflessness, Shepherd's Heart,

02:32 - Key in today's church: Willingness to Collaboration

04:05 - Willing to listen

04:14 - Tenants of biblical leadership

04:22 - Paul as an example of leadership

04:39 - Humility is a huge part of Christian leadership

04:48 - Servant to all people

04:55 - A pastor is not going to be liked by everyone in the church

05:12 - Maintain spiritual discipline

05:36 - Daily habits

05:45 - Open to the Holy Spirit

05:54 - Willingness and desire to submit to God

06:05 - Live among the people

06:22 - Rely on and be obedient to the Holy Spirit

06:30 - Selflessness and never about personal gain

06:58 - Do all church leaders follow the model that Paul has set?

07:25 - Greed

08:11 - Paul on growing churches in ethnically-diverse communities

08:30 - Certain churches have grown in the last 30 years

08:43 - Big churches have problems also

09:11 - Perseverance for the sake of God's glory

09:52 - Opposition and failure is part of ministry

10:57 - Expanding our experiences and understanding of other cultures

11:02 - Willing and open heart and mind

11:32 - Efforts to reach the community

13:04 - Online church vs In-Person Church

15:04 - Intentionally trying to engage the congregation to join in person

18:16 - Steps needed to identify and implement change to reverse decline in church attendance

19:01 - We've allowed politics to be an issue

19:25 - Make God the priority

20:08 - Churches have gone away from Scripture, preaching God, Jesus, the Good News

23:33 - Practical things a church can do to incorporate multicultural understanding

23:43 - Training within the church

24:07 - Cultural intelligence training

26:43 - Training brings confidence to talk to people

27:08 - Welcome new visitors

28:33 - Pastor Mark Lee's email address:

29:12 - Importance of understanding the culture


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