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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 100, 23rd November 2018
100 – Happy Thanksgiving Finale From The Documentary Life
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100 – Happy Thanksgiving Finale From The Documentary Life

It is the week of giving thanks, as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Coincidentally, it is episode #100, our last episode of Season One of the podcast. And I am joined by my better half, the producer for the show, Stephanie Vincenti. And we have a lot of gratitude for what we have achieved with The Documentary LifeWe also have so much to be thankful for with you, #doclifers, who have most certainly helped us achieve this fairly monumental moment, and may even have been with us throughout all episodes of this journey!


And so this, our season finale, if you will, is all about and all for you, #doclifer.


Topics Discussed

  • a look back at 2.5 years and 99 episodes of the podcast
  • a discussion about our hiatus and what we’ll be doing during that time to serve you
  • how in 2019, Cambodia will play a significant part in our and your #doclives
  • what’s on the horizon for The Documentary Life, which has become much more than simply a podcast
  • a discussion about The Documentary Academy, including a Black Friday offer for enrollment



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