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140: How councils are making a difference to reduce waste with Carey Wright
Episode 14016th August 2021 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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In this episode, we talk to Carey Wright. She is the Waste Minimisation Officer at Town of Cambridge. Her work in sustainability and waste minimisation brings together so many of her life passions- writing, creativity, making a difference to people’s lives and contributing to society in a meaningful manner. Over the last couple of years she has had an impact in her council as well as spread a ripple effect of change to many others that have experience her waste minimisation passion. 

During this episode we look at some of the challenge a local council face when it comes to waste reduction, but also look at the procedures involved in implementing something new. We also dig into some of their waste reducing programs some even won awards. She also gives us some valuable tips to help out our local councils.

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