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Nudging Care Teams to Work and Live Better with Niraj Swami
Episode 9326th October 2020 • Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli • Mike Biselli
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Providing patient care while meeting the constant requirements of non-clinical duties has become overwhelming. Over 40% of physicians report signs of burnout, and 30% also spend 20 hours or more each week on administrative tasks.

Because of this unsustainable environment our physician leaders are experiencing, I asked Niraj Swami to share his expertise and passion for helping physicians and their practice teams navigate, learn and adapt to clinical, administrative, and personal risks. 

Niraj is the CEO of Adaptrack, an AI-powered nudge platform for medical practices to reduce risk and increase productivity.

I look forward to having you be a part of this conversation with Niraj and for us to find ways to support him and his team during these critical moments of healthcare delivery and beyond. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How Niraj started Adaptrack
  • What is Adaptrack
  • Who are the users of Adaptrack
  • Physician’s feedback of Adaptrack
  • What the future holds for Adaptrack

About Our Guest:

Niraj Swami is a serial entrepreneur & technologist with deep interests in digital products, AI, and behavioral economics. Throughout his career, he has built products & strategies for human-centric challenges in Healthcare, Human Capital & Conservation. His latest venture is Adaptrack - an AI-powered personalized nudge platform to help lower physician risks with data, design, and incentives. 

Keen on impact work, Niraj also serves as a senior advisor at The Nature Conservancy and a partner at SCAD Ventures, a boutique impact-tech firm. Niraj completed his undergraduate in Computer Engineering & Mathematics from Marquette University '06 and holds an MBA with Honors from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business '12. Niraj lives in Chicago, and enjoys nature, cooking, and writing music in his free time.

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