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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 16th July 2019
8 Ways to Make Leaders Out of Your Kids

8 Ways to Make Leaders Out of Your Kids

Reproducing more Kingdom Leaders, not just Christians


In church on Sunday, we are often told to teach our children daily about the Bible and about God. This, for sure, is something every believing parent should do. It is crucial to the spiritual development of our children. 




Is it enough to make your children into leaders?


While teaching them about God and Scriptures will make them more solid in their faith and understanding, sadly, it is no guarantee that they will grow strong in their leadership


Let’s be honest… We’ve all met this type of believer: Christians who are loving, kind, and very deep in their knowledge of the Bible, and yet, who are zero in the areas of boldness, self-confidence, and leadership. These types of believers seem to rely on God, the Bible, and religion more as a crutch than as a source of empowerment.


Today, we’ll address eight key principles that will ensure that won’t be the case with your child. Eight key principles that, if applied, will forge your kids to be the head, and not the tail. Principles that will make your kids more confident, willing, and capable. Principles that will make them into… leaders!


We are often told that great leaders reproduce themselves in others - that they make other great leaders. The best place to start is by implementing strong leadership lessons in your own children and by how you raise them.


No matter your kid’s age, It starts TODAY!


Warning: the steps taught in this podcast episode might stretch you as a parent, which is good - right?




Be blessed and thrive on!


Elisaberh & Sebastien


In this episode you will:


  • Learn what the Cycle of Success is and how to encourage your kids through it.


  • Understand how today’s ‘positive reinforcement only’ parenting is not good for your child.


  • Learn about the power of saying ‘NO’ to your child.


  • Understand how to make yourself more relatable to your children by sharing your struggles and failures with them.


Memorable Quotes & Verses:



"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."

Prov. 22:6



"If you teach your kids a box, they will make their lives a box."



"According to the Word of God, Kingdom citizens are all home-schoolers."

- Sebastien Richard



You lose credibility and trustworthiness when you say one thing and do another.



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