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Leadership in Times of Transformation [RR 933]
Episode 9335th March 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Auto Care Dr. John Passante and Dr. Thomas Litzinger, titans of the automotive aftermarket industry, steer through the intricacies of professional development and organizational strategies. Some key takeaways: Innovation is non-negotiable, education is critical, and leadership makes the difference. Dr. John Passante is a legacy automotive aftermarket Human Resource professional and the President and CEO of The Organizational Development Group. John’s other episodes HERE. Dr. Thomas Litzinger, Chair of the University of the Aftermarket at Northwood University. Show Notes
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  • Leadership 2.0 (00:02:48) Discussion about the educational programs offered by the University of the Aftermarket at Northwood University.
  • The importance of being a lifelong learner (00:04:14) The significance of being a lifelong learner in the automotive aftermarket industry and personal experiences related to learning.
  • Right to Repair Legislation (00:11:01) The fight to secure data access for vehicle owners and independent repair shops, and the introduction of the right to repair legislation.
  • Leadership development and scholarships for service professionals and technicians (00:16:09) The University's efforts to provide leadership development opportunities and scholarships for service professionals and technicians in the industry.
  • The human spirit (00:18:46) The boundless human potential and the importance of collective effort and positive attitude.
  • Legacy and teamwork (00:19:42) The impact of the human spirit, legacy, and teamwork in achieving common goals.
  • Leadership and culture (00:21:42) The conversation shifts to the importance of culture and leadership in the workplace, emphasizing the value of nurturing and developing employees.
  • Professional development (00:22:17) The need for professional technicians to receive training in financial acumen and leadership for their success.
  • Retirement and personal growth (00:23:26) Speaker 2 shares his post-retirement activities, including executive coaching and writing children's books, emphasizing the importance of continuous personal growth.
  • Leadership 2.0 program (00:24:33)
  • Employee satisfaction and development (00:28:20) The importance of contributing to the life satisfaction of team members through organizational culture and training and development programs.
  • Industry storytelling and leadership (00:31:13) The conversation ends with a focus on industry storytelling, leadership, and the significance of the automotive aftermarket.
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