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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 24, 26th November 2018
Pod 24: Remembering TV21 Comic Artist Mike Noble
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Pod 24: Remembering TV21 Comic Artist Mike Noble

Mike Noble was a master of 1960s and 1970s comic artwork - being a prolific creator of the pages of Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet and Zero-X that thrilled over a million readers a week. You may not have seen him credited, but you will know (and likely love) his work.

Mike passed away a couple of weeks ago, so we wanted to run a short archive piece from 2017 that we recorded with Mike in recognition of his enormous contribution to the extended Gerry Anderson universe.

But it's a happy interview, so don't worry. Add to that the usual nonsense from Richard and Jamie, Randomiser from Chris, and an unusual archive clip right at the end of this pod, it's one you won't want to miss!