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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 88, 6th April 2021
Meet Minnie
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Meet Minnie

Minnie's story serves to highlight what so many of us experience. From the lack of career guidance to accepting work that had little or nothing to do with her passion, she speaks powerfully about how she felt and the advice she can deliver as a consequence.

Like many, there were sparks of illumination in some of her professional roles. While she did not necessarily consider herself drawn to Development work per se, she realized that she loved being able to learn about a cause and then deliver impassioned speeches to prospects. She discovered not only a sense of accomplishment but also touched a sense of purpose and meaning in that work.

From a sense of knowing that "she liked to talk to people" and that she preferred not to sit at a desk all day, her best realizations occurred when she was able to "stop the noise" and pay attention to her authentic voice. We can "ignore our intuition" so easily and be "led by fear" so often. In other words, we can live an unconscious life but will only regret it. In Minnie's words, "a head filled with noise drowns out our authentic voice." Attending to that voice of wisdom within is the only way to discover the work that is meant for you.