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The Variety Artist with John Abrams – Weekly chats with inspiring Performers - John Abrams EPISODE 109, 26th April 2020
Dale Obrochta – Common Sense Home-Schooling
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Dale Obrochta – Common Sense Home-Schooling

Dale Obrochta is known as one of the top Restaurant twisters in the country (he twists balloons at restaurants, he doesn't twist restaurants... that I know of).

He has lots of accomplishments that I could list here, but on this interview, he's going to share some of his favorite HOMESCHOOL PROJECTS (with and without balloons). Like a lot of you, he has kids at home that he needs to educate and inspire. With the schools closed, we need all the help we can get.

 He makes it fun and fast paced so kids WANT to learn!

Plus, we have some fun at the end with some outrageous balloon stories.

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