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Empowering Your Side B Featuring Paula White
Episode 1019th July 2021 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Paula White is a globally recognized sales leader focused on shifting perspective through music. She is experienced in scaling Inside Sales Teams into multi-million stand-alone sales channels.

We discuss:

  • The times we choose faster income rather than building a company [02:03]
  • Why corporate work culture makes you want to sleep [03:40]
  • How promotion takes away the creative part of you [06:01]
  • Why we need positive emotional-based resumes [08:02]
  • What it takes to develop the side B of your legacy [10:44]
  • Your playlist of transformation [13:49]
  • An accessible tool for getting unstuck [15:20]
  • The perspective of what we [don’t] want to talk about [18:00]

Paula leverages her talent to bring new perspectives and a forward-thinking approach, while achieving 8% - 10% compounded yearly growth and leading from a foundation of heart and mind. Her passion for Inside Sales has gained her experience in a variety of industries including travel and tourism, investments, veterinary and healthcare distribution.

Learn more about Paula at, LinkedIn and YouTube.