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Why We Are So Open About Our Mental Health and Vulnerable Untapped Keg Episode 105 with Big Kev
Episode 10528th March 2022 • Untapped Keg • Untapped Keg
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Untapped Keg Ep 104 with Big Kev from Laugh4APurpose

RJ Zimmerman and Big Kev from Laugh 4 a Purpose comes on to talk about Mental Health, why we share so openly, and how we can better communicate with one another. Find Big Kev on Twitter @Laugh4APurpose and help support his Baskets of Hope campaign. Also please subscribe and share to his podcast Laugh4APurpose. Please visit for apparel featuring Laugh 4 A Purpose and check out their fund raiser this month!

We are Untapped Keg a podcast about Sobriety, Mental Health, and Hope. We bring our lived experiences and highlight people telling their own stories to bring positivity and hope. Feel free to reach out on social media, follow us on YouTube, and please share us. We would also love it if you could help to support us and make our content better!

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