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Words 2 Success - Juan Grey 18th November 2019
AC: W2S “Conscious Learning” Challenge
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AC: W2S “Conscious Learning” Challenge

Welcome to other special "Action Challenges (AC)" episode on the Words 2 Success (W2S) Show hosted by Juan Grey.

Now is the right time to continue with your personal transformation with our first W2S 30 days Challenge which is called: "CONSCIOUS LEARNING".

This challenge is about the super power of conscious learning, the most powerful super power that you can have nowadays in this rapidly changing world because if you can learn how to learn, you can learn basically anything, any time, any where. That's right!!

In this short, sweet & powerful episode,  Juan Grey  asked to the W2S Tribe: When is the last time you took the time to consciously learn anything? Any skill? Any language? Anything that matters to you.

In addition, Juan Grey , as usual, leads by example with an interesting challenge he's committing to act upon starting on Sunday December 1st 2019.

So be sure to tune in to Juan Grey’s episode, and listening to his interesting challenge, and learn more details for this interesting W2S 30 days Challenge: Conscious Learning!!


Decide, take action, and get ready to start this challenge on Sunday December 1st 2019




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