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Rose Reviews
Episode 33518th February 2020 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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very week the Rose Reviews brings you the very latest in movie reviews ranging from wide release movies to indie films. I am just one everyday guy who says what he loves and hates about movies. I'm not an expert, I'm not a critic, I am simply a FAN of movies! We will be talking in depth about the latest and greatest films for you to go see! So, listen and find out if the movie is a thorn or a rose on the Rose Review! Email me at, and like my Facebook page Rose Reviews.



I liked that you got right to the review and were very careful to share your opinion on why you did or did not like the movie without spoiling it. You shared some insights into who made the movie without going full movie nerd mode, and I got my answer pretty quick (should I go see this?) fairly quick. I appreciated it. The only thing I would fix is to edit out the umms, the lips smacks and the air conditioner in the background. Your audio wasn't horrible, but these are super easy fixes. There is a tool in audacity that you can use to remove the noise (don't go too far with it), and editing out ums and lip smacks are also as easy as editing a word document (highlight and press delete). You did start off with "hey guys" and I would avoid group speak. It might be "hello, welcome to Rose reviews" as you're not talking to a group. You want to talk to one person. All in all a good podcast. I would remove the call to action in your description as people haven't even press play yet and you're asking them to do things.

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