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The Leadership Locker - Rich Cardona EPISODE 145, 12th July 2021
145. How to Land Dream Podcast Guests
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145. How to Land Dream Podcast Guests

On this episode of The Leadership Locker, Rich discusses the strategies that he uses to book high-profile guests on the show.

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Rich’s guest invite message

The Leadership Locker is a podcast designed to siphon knowledge from industry experts to help share their expertise with veteran entrepreneurs (like me) and small business owners. We also love to cover life transitions -personal and professional, old and new. Can't wait to have you!

Past guests include: Gary Vee, Chalene Johnson, Kindra Hall, Dan Fleyshman, Andy Frisella, Brad Lea, Beth Comstock, and more...


  • No prepared questions
  • 35-45 min
  • Conversational
  • It is a video podcast
  • We will make clips available for download

Tech and Equipment

  • We will use a platform called Riverside.fm which will require you to use of Google Chrome to be recorded.
  • There is nothing to install, just need to use Chrome
  • Airpods or a version of them don't usually sound as good as wired headphones
  • External mic? Yes please if you have one!

About Rich Cardona

  • Retired combat aviator (United States Marine Corps)
  • Owner, Rich Cardona Media (Video marketing and personal branding agency)
  • Girl Dad
  • Left Amazon corporate after 2 years and moved in with in-laws to start a business at 38 years old. Things worked out very well


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