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Understanding the Ego as a Tool for Self-Healing
Episode 1141st September 2021 • Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud • Elisa Kurylowicz
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One of the biggest pushbacks I get when it comes to mindset mentorship is in regards to our awareness practice. This is the ability to observe the voice of the "ego", in other words, the voice fo knowledge, from the perspective of the non-judgmental observer.

Learning about and understand what the ego is, how it works, how it manipulates and triggers you, and then further observing that in your own day to day life has been the most successful process for mindset shifts within all of my years of coaching.

In today's solo episode, I went LIVE on Instagram and answered some fo the burning questions from not only my students inside the Elisa Unfiltered Inner Circle, but also opened the floor to all of you!

This is a juicy podcast for anyone who is looking for change, feels stuck in their growth journey or feels guilty or disappointed with their progress.

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