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Ep. 056: On Becoming a Sales Virtuoso -- The Mickeli Bedore Interview
Episode 5613th March 2020 • Product Launch Rebel • John Benzick
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Let's face it, many aspiring entrepreneurs are held back by a fear of selling.

In this episode, I interview sales luminary, Mickeli Bedore, where he provides insider tips on strengthening your sales skills, establishing the right mindset and overcoming rejection.

Additionally, he reveals the story about when a key person underestimated him when he was a teenager, which drove him to become a sought-after keynote speaker and a sales superstar in some of the world's biggest companies, such as IBM, Verizon and Oracle.

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Top Takeaways from this Episode:

(1) Acquiring and nurturing "emotional intelligence" is an important quality for a successful sales person.

(2) To be successful at something, it's important to develop an appreciation for something. Appreciation helps to drive learning, which leads to success.

(3) Curiosity is at the root of any successful sales person. The best marketers and sales professionals are driven by a perpetual interest in others' situations and needs.

(4) Introverts can be very successful sales people, because of their heightened ability to listen, demonstrate empathy and thoughtfully solve problems.

(5) The fear of rejection in sales can be diminished by (a) knowing that we all experience rejection in various ways, (b) by understanding that a "no" isn't necessarily bad and (c) by investigating the "why" behind the "no."


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