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Starting a Podcast
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Starting a Podcast

A podcast is a fun and simple way to reach tons of people with your voice, but how do you start one? Matt and Matt are accompanied by CEO and founder of Empowered Electric, Josh Levin. Empowered Electric is an electrical company in North Kansas City, which focuses on delivering the best service possible to its customers rather than worrying about making it into the black.

Levin, who is also an avid podcast listener, established Empowered People Podcast in September of 2018 in an effort to fill a void he felt was missing in the business podcast world. Levin’s podcast is targeted to those of us whom the advice of most business podcasts does not apply. He is aware of the power of his perspective and his voice and in this episode of the Startup Hustle, he will help you ask and answer the tough questions about what it takes to start and succeed with a podcast.

Not only will he talk about the beginnings of a podcast, such as the reason why you should start yours and the kind of format that you should be using, but he also touches on why podcasts tend to fail and what you can do to ensure that your podcast lives a full life.


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