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279 Speech Language Recovery – ASD To Stroke – Tice & Litvack
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279 Speech Language Recovery – ASD To Stroke – Tice & Litvack

Speech & Language Recovery - From ASD to Stroke

Kimberly Tice, MS, CCC-SLP,  & Venita Litvack, MA, CCC-SLP, provide speech intervention for language, learning, literacy, and balanced feeding to people with autism spectrum disorder as an SLP [speech language pathologists]. Kim Tice is a certified special educator. She co-authors the Lou Knows What to Do book series and co-hosts the Speechie Side Up podcast with Venita Litvack.

Tice is an affiliate of ASHA Special Interest Groups 1, Language Learning and Education and 12, Augmentative and Alternative Communication. With her colleague, Venita Litvack, both serve as speech coaches and trainers people with autism spectrum disorder to stroke in a variety of settings as speech and language recovery experts.

Both work within the same augmentative and alternative communication community.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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