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Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events - Jim Cermak EPISODE 60, 19th November 2020
Ep 060 - Tips & Trends #2 - Keeping Your Virtual Audience Engaged
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Ep 060 - Tips & Trends #2 - Keeping Your Virtual Audience Engaged

Keeping your Virtual Event audience engaged is so difficult with all the distractions they face. Here are two powerful tips plus a current trend all which you can use to your advantage in keeping your audience plugged in and wanting more!

Tip 1 – Have shorter segments and more breaks

·       Thanks to Jason Scott of JCS Marketing – He gave this tip and others on Trade Show U Episode #057

·       Think about how we watch videos on Youtube

·       We have an incredibly short attention span, and its only getting shorter!

·       Break down your talk or topic into bullet points and then make each bullet point its own talk!

·       Keep your audience engaged and attentive by continually changing speakers, tone, format and topics

Tip 2 – Use your breaks to do market research – in a fun way

·       Ask questions about your products and services

·       Do polling

·       Surveys

·       Games

Trend – new entertainment options for virtual events! So many ideas used at live events can be now utilized for Virtual Events as well!

·       Magicians - check out one of the top trade show magicians - Scott Tokar - and his interview on Trade Show University Episode #025

·       Music

·       Comedians

·       Madlibbing

·       Games

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