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Road to Family Freedom - Neil and Brittany Henderson EPISODE 100, 19th April 2021
Adventures in Real Estate Investing from a Mortgage Broker with Matt Gouge
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Adventures in Real Estate Investing from a Mortgage Broker with Matt Gouge

Matt Gouge, aka Matt the Mortgage Guy, got his start in lending back in 2013. As a self-proclaimed math nerd and a people person, he burned his proverbial ships, leaving a steady paycheck with the State of California, for the commission-based world of brokering residential mortgages. He has excelled in the field because he himself is a real estate investor and he can advise clients at a high level. As a real estate investor himself, he is able to help clients not only analyze the mortgage on their primary residence but on potential investment properties as well.

In this episode, we talk to Matt about his journey from state employee to a commission-based mortgage broker, the power of taking the leap into the unknown from an unfulfilling job, the tale of buying his first property before the Great Recession that is still a rental, and his misadventures investing long-distance.

What You'll Learn in This Episode

  • How Matt Gouge left a secure state job with a pension for a commission only job as a mortgage broker
  • How lack of job satisfaction should be an indicator that something needs to change
  • How to analyze the risk when planning to make a big decision
  • How Matt Gouge bought his first investment property
  • When buying a property to live in, you should keep in mind how well it will work as a rental when you move out
  • How has he expanded his investment property portfolio
  • How he got burned investing long distance and the mistakes he made
  • Why you should always have an extra property manager ready to take over your rental properties
  • Why you should NOT diversify your single-family rental portfolio across multiple cities
  • Why you SHOULD diversify your real estate investments into syndications like apartments, self-storage, and mobile home parks
  • How much time does take to manage a rental property portfolio
  • How owning four or more rental units lowers your risk
  • Where to learn how to buy investment properties
  • Why you should buy real estate when everyone is afraid of buying real estate
  • How to avoid paralysis by analysis
  • How losing money on a deal can be a better education than a paid mentorship

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