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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 49, 26th October 2019
EP 49 | Trust but Verify - Especially Yourself
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EP 49 | Trust but Verify - Especially Yourself

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You’ve heard the sage wisdom that says… Trust, but verify.

In other words, pretend to take things at face value, but do your homework. Don’t let the process stop there. It’s your responsibility to do your own research, and vet the information. 

What it means is… DON’T TRUST. 

That’s a bummer.

The other day, I saw a post on social media sharing an article and below it popped up an automatic FACT CHECK button. I’m thinking… NICE.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘fact check’ option in every meeting? 

The problem is… I don’t want to fact check. I want to BELIEVE, even with people I have (questionable) experience with. 

Unfortunately, the most QUESTIONABLE experience I have with reliable information is the info I get from the VOICES in my head

Maybe I should start fact-checking the Head-Trash before I run off and let those assumptions ruin my day. 

I was nearly 40 before I realized how untrustworthy my head trash is. I ‘believed’ the voices in my head were intuitive sources of truth I could trust. It never occurred to me that even when I was emboldened by hubris it was really a lie.

Here’s a little SECRET about Blind-Spots. You can’t see them. That’s why they call them Blind-Spots. (thought I’d throw a little wisdom in there for credibility).

I’ve learned over the years that:

·        We love our ideas, and we want everyone to love them too.

·        We hate being wrong. 

·        We need validation (almost constantly)

·        If it was our idea, we defend it (even once we realize it’s stupid)

·        Vulnerability is the key to collaboration and true teamwork (but we avoid it)

·        We depend on accidental success and pretend it was our plan

Reality check: If we trust our head-trash it’s impossible to live our best lives.  

Isolation is the Enemy of Excellence. 

It’s time to apply the fundamental decision-making necessity of “Trust, but Verify” to yourself and build on a foundation that can fulfill your highest created purpose. Surround yourself with a few trusted-advisors and ASK THEM to fact check your assumptions, beliefs and (of course) your Head-Trash. 

If you don’t have access to a high-level team who will help you see your blind-spots without inserting their own agenda into the process, I’d love to chat with you about My Practice Zone. It’s a place where leaders practice to become their best outside the vacuum of their own head.  

Great leaders always have places to mastermind. That’s how we grow. If you’re interested to know more, check us out at www.noheadtrash.com or text YATES (that’s my name) to 474747 for more information. 

Your mission is great and you’re the right person to lead it. Experience the most rapid way to clarity and momentum by VERIFYING your intel first. 

Remember, you’ll PERFORM exactly how you Train.  

If something is broken, don’t wait. Surround yourself with people who share your values, your purpose and a commitment to Breakthrough. Get rid of the Head Trash by standing in the light with a brotherhood of strong leaders.

If that’s what you’re looking for, get on my calendar and let’s chat about The Practice Zone, where Leaders train to Unlock their purpose, live with passion and become who they were created to be.  

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Let's keep the conversation going.  


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