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362. Season 3 Teaser | Rockstar Millennial | Urban Farmer Academy |Bootstrap Farmer Podcast | Brandon Youst
31st December 2020 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Brandon Youst, who I just got off the phone with two seconds ago about his, he started Veg-To-Bowl like veg-to-bowl, a food truck, but then he ended up launching how to get your farm business started. If you don’t want to do farm, like all sorts of alternative things out there, or if you do want to do farming, just he has the Urban Farm, Bootstrap Farmer  ’cause Mike and I were going through, what are we going to spend our check on?

And we pretty much have to I’m 90% sure. Either invested in our business or it’s just going to go to income tax anyway. So we’ll each probably get a $600 stimulus check. So we decided we need a grow light. He needs, he wants that heavy duty plastic because twice as plastic grip through last year, and he’s just tired, it’s ripped through right now. He wants some of this heavy duty a four year or six year guarantee. And that’s what Brandon sells. That’s how he’s making his life. Now his money comes in from Bootstrap Farmer and he’s he talks about victory lunch club and they have so many videos on his urban farmer, free courses.

I’m going to take, what was it called? The smart, the mini ag product, M AP minimum agricultural product. How to run a smart club, a salad club.

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