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The Family Business Podcast - Family Business Podcast EPISODE 16, 3rd November 2017
Ep. 16 - Motivational Maps
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Ep. 16 - Motivational Maps

In this episode Mark shares his own family business story and how after he sold his family business he wanted to help other people to avoid the issues he faced in his business. 

One of the key tools that Mark uses with his coaching clients is 'Motivational Maps' we discuss this and my own motivational map!


'Through my own business learning curve, I discovered ‘Motivational Maps’, which have provided me with a valuable change management tool.  Amongst other benefits, Motivational Maps help to;

  • Identify Key issues
  • Facilitate communications
  • Implement Reward Strategies.

I would encourage you to use this tool for your own business to optimise your own performance as well as your staff or team. 

A key aspect in helping individuals or teams perform is ensuring that they are motivated.  Motivational factors stem from self-beliefs, expectations and personalities and will always be an important determinant for success.  Addressing an individual’s motivation factors can be the key to unlocking high performance for their own development initiative or for establishing their ‘best fit’ in a team.'