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Episode 13: Davidson Hang Redefines Masculinity and Drives Impact
Episode 1318th June 2021 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Once upon a time, Davidson Hang prospected me. And the rest is damn history. 

We talk about that cool history starting with prospect and seller, and how our relationship progressed since. 

We talk podcasts and unforgiving learning curves and the competency quadrant. 

We talk success metrics. 

We talk about the delicate balance that is showing up in real ways as a seller v. over-preparing v. perfectionism.  

We talk race and gender and toxic masculinity. We talk the confidence gap, both of them. 

We talk impact and driving change. 

We talk career decisions. 

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For more on Davidson Hang, check him out on LinkedIn, his website, his YouTube channel, and his book Redefining Masculinity: Visions for a New Way of Being

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