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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 181, 3rd June 2020
The 3 Things That Will Transform Your Marketing
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The 3 Things That Will Transform Your Marketing

Do you feel confused about your Salon’s Marketing?

When I talk to so many Salon Owners that I know about this topic, they often feel confused and lost!

When I look to the reason why this is happening, 1 thing is abundantly clear to me…

And that’s that they haven’t nailed the basics!

When you see the big Hair & Beauty Industry Giants doing all these fancy things and having this massive success, you want to follow suit, right?! Of course you do!

But it’s vital to remember that you first need to absolutely nail the basics. Because if you don’t have a solid foundation, your structure will collapse!

In this episode, I’m chatting with Sarah Garner from Digital Bloom. Digital Bloom is a branding boutique dedicated to helping hair beauty and wellness businesses nail their brand game, own their story and reconnect their ‘why’.

Sarah will share with us her ultimate 3 basic steps that any hair or beauty brand needs to nail if they want their Marketing to even have a chance at being successful…

This is something every hair or beauty Salon Owner needs to hear!


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