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ADHD Parents Summit – Special Announcement – Taylor-Klaus
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ADHD Parents Summit – Special Announcement – Taylor-Klaus

ADHD Parents' Palooza Summit - ADHD Luminaries Weigh In

No man was ever wise by chance.
~ Seneca

Are you ready for some serious, back to school learning? The ADHD Parents’ Palooza is exploding online with fresh information, in-depth education, and over-all rejuvenation — coming your way Aug. 20-25, 2018. - Schedule ADHD Parents on your calendar now.

Hosted by my friends and colleagues, Linda Roggli an incredible Coach at ADDiva.net and Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster both articulate Coaches at ImpactADHD.com, - the ADHD Parents’ Palooza will change the way you look at parenting your kids with ADHD. I can vouch for each of these women, they're all pals of mine, and I've interviewed two of them her on CBJ - Linda is on the hot seat as I'm much looking forward to her guesting over here as soon as the summer slows down a bit. Hint!

And, these essential discussion’s are all online and, yes, FREE, You can show up on the audio in the carpool line, on your way home from the office, or with video in your pj’s after dinner! Listen to make them operational for you and your family.

Deep Palooza History

Linda has sponsored Paloozas for women very successfully for years - in the thousands! Now, it’s the parents’ turn to deal with topics that often don't receive as much attention as they should - parenting children is difficult even though it's rewarding and fun - and challenges with ADHD children can prove even more daunting - as you well know.

Details: Who, What, and When

This summer, ADHD parents can now get practical, cutting-edge information shared by 30 parenting and ADHD experts - international mavens already skilled at helping thousands of parents make a difference. The Parent's Palooza is a ground-breaking online event, Aug. 20-25, 2018, featuring leading worldwide experts presenting on topics that are near and dear to parents of kids with ADHD:

  • What Your Kids Want You to Know
  • Nutrition and ADHD
  • Marriage Issues with ADHD Kids
  • What You Need to Know about Medication
  • What To Consider When Meds Aren't Working Predictably
  • Common Co-Existing Medical Conditions with ADHD
  • Using Technology to Help Kids with ADHD
  • Skills for Life Readiness
  • - and that’s just a peek over the fence.

A Brief Maven Review

This ADHD Parents' Palooza is an extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for parents, with 30 Legends and Luminaries, including Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Mark Bertin, Hal Runkel, TotallyADD’s Rick Green, Jessica McCabe, Susan Stiffelman, and Dr. Parker, yes, yours truly, on August 24, Friday at 1 PM EST.

I can tell you, now that it's recorded, that we had a ball putting my piece together, and also dug deep to hit some common medical applications - topics that deserve your attention when meds don't work as expected. Linda did have to tell me to stop standing and shouting from my chair. I'm strongly opinionated about changes that must take place in the diagnostic and treatment system to hit more home runs.

You can't hit what you don't see.

On a personal note, I am deeply indebted to Dr. Bill Dodson years ago - likely around 1995 - for a phone webinar that turned the lights of ADHD awareness on for me in my medical innocence then. Whatever he says, listen up! Thanks, Bill, that webinar changed my life!

And let me tell you all an additional personal note, it's an honor to hang out with this extraordinary team. I've interviewed many of these experts as guests at CBJ for the very reason I'm pleased to be here - they are the best!

Did I say Free?!

Join the ADHD Parents Revolution! Find out how your life can change when you know more about the nuances of parenting ADHD from the top experts in the world!

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

Now For Your Next Steps

Do pass this link along to your friends who are ADHD Parents with children working an ADHD management program to share this helpful information and make a difference in their lives. It's here, and free, http://corebrainjournal.com/ParentsPalooza2018 Did you find a spot on your schedule?

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Thanks, Linda, Elaine, and Diane! For additional CBJ Guest Interviews here with Elaine, Diane, Cindy, Jeff, Penny, Dr. Hallowell, Rick Green, and Dr. Mark Bertin, check out our Teen Page here: http://corebrainjournal.com/teen and Search Episodes: http://corebrainjournal.com/episodes


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