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Surprising combinations: is a no-loss lottery
Episode 418th June 2022 • Minted: Creators, NFTs & Web3 • The Product of Everyday Things (The Poe Things)
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New combinations can seem strange and there's a lot of those in Web3. Combining decentralisation and organisation for one. Then there's the combination of "no-loss" and "lottery". Pool Together is a web3 protocol and service that combines all of those together into one service. It's somewhere between a lottery and a kind of savings account.. run by a community largely and its all on-chain.

Disclosure: I have a small amount of money in PoolTogether and have so far won $5. However, there's much more to pool together than the promise of a prize. The community is very special.

In this episode I talk with Richard Liriano, who's a member of pool together and very much an evangelist! He's not paid by Pool Together, but he does represent the feeling I got from talking with the community in general on their Discord. I also speak with two Web3 Marketers who were working on the marketing for Pool Together at the time. They tell me how they got into web3 as marketers and what makes the product and the community special.