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eCommerce Momentum Podcast - eCommerce Momentum Podcast 30th November 2017
256 : Glen Zubia – Take a real run at Merch by Amazon and add it to selling on Ebay and design the life you want. Oh and pay off $50k in student loans along the way
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256 : Glen Zubia – Take a real run at Merch by Amazon and add it to selling on Ebay and design the life you want. Oh and pay off $50k in student loans along the way

Funny how people figure out their “lane”. If you go back and look hard enough you get to see the choices (good and bad) that have brought you to this point in your life. Guess what, Glen likes what he sees. He has shifted from the “cubicle” to the freedom to do as he pleases in his time frame and on his terms. Very cool story from a great guy.



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Cool voice guy:                  [00:04:28]               Welcome to the commers momentum good guys. Well we focus on the people the products the process of Commerce selling today.

Stephen:                             [00:04:37]               Your host Stephen Peters and welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 256. Glen Zuby a Glenns name came to me. I guess a bunch of times over the last year from a bunch of different sellers and you know I always take recommendations and you know I pace myself and I try to beat them and that kind of thing and somebody else just recommended it so I had to reach out to them and say what a great great. Very fortunate I did. Super cool dude. I love his style. I love. I love that he’s figured out for himself what works for himself and I think that that’s one of the coolest things for a young guy to get. And it’s just so cool to see. And man what a great story great great guy. Real smart. Definitely reach out to him if you want to find out more. Let’s get into the podcast. All

Stephen:                             [00:05:31]               right welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast very excited about today’s guest his name has come up so many different times so we are talking in the pre-interview. I’ve heard his name over the last couple of years. I’m betting a half a dozen times which is a lot. I mean you think about that. Glenn Zuby welcome Glenn.

Glen:                                     [00:05:47]               Thanks for having me. Super pumped to be on.

Stephen:                             [00:05:49]               I’m super pumped to have you on. Man you do get around. You like me get around. That’s very very true. We travel in similar circles. We just haven’t crossed paths. I don’t know we have we met face to face yet.

Stephen:                             [00:06:04]               No we haven’t. OK. OK. And so yes we know a lot of evil people. So you’re based in Texas and you’re a relatively young guy. Why. Why.

Stephen:                             [00:06:15]               Why are you in the e-commerce world when you can be in any other world in the world. What would it be that you would tell your grandparents why you do what you do.

Glen:                                     [00:06:26]               Well I’ll probably say number one I do what I do because I was drowning in student loans. Oh and yeah I was drowning in student loans at the same time.

Glen:                                     [00:06:38]               I just also felt like I needed to do something different I guess for myself and and creativity.

Stephen:                             [00:06:46]               So that little mixture of all I would say and do you love it. I mean would you you know because there was nobody who says how you got to do something you love Steve. I mean do. Would you say you love it.

Glen:                                     [00:06:58]               Oh yeah I love it. I think just like the thrill of the hunt and meeting new people every meet up or conference or seminar networking I just love every aspect of it.

Stephen:                             [00:07:11]               You know this is this is it your first job. But I call it that three letter word job. This isn’t the first thing I’ve done since getting out of school is it.

Glen:                                     [00:07:23]               No. So after Yeah after college I got that full time you know job but with a degree in what was your degree to graphic design what art and graphic design. And I had been working part time in college at the university and when I graduated they hired me full time. So I was brought in as a graphic designer. I eventually moved up to marketing coordinator for a couple of years and then I just had to do something new. And at the same time my e-bay business was was doing good on the side and I was I was actually making more money doing that than I was my full time job so I knew it was time to really make a change.

Stephen:                             [00:08:03]               So it was a side hustle to help supplement what you weren’t earning in the academic world to cover you know to have a life. Because I mean I was doing loads of stuff right. You probably didn’t have much of a life.

Glen:                                     [00:08:14]               Oh yeah. It was pretty much. You know I owed a little bit over like 50000 total when it came out like student loans and car and credit cards that I was buying books and it was just me man it was it was tough to get out of there.

Stephen:                             [00:08:27]               And 50000 in college today you’re getting away pretty cheap because I know I’ve heard of people two to three hundred thousand.

Glen:                                     [00:08:34]               Like oh my gosh know that it’s out of control I think at this point you know once you’re in that type of hole. I mean you really have to think about how you’re going to be able to just get a house or a car or something. They don’t even want to give you other things or earn or things because you’re so already deep into debt. It’s really really tough.

Stephen:                             [00:08:54]               And if I read that they put some of those payment plans on a 30 year amortization.

Stephen:                             [00:09:00]               So can you imagine paying for college you know 30 years in your career. I’m getting ready to retire and my student loan will also be done.

Glen:                                     [00:09:09]               And I know I’ve heard this. I have someone else that told me something about that you might get a 30 year plan. Mine was a 10 year plan. And even then I was like man 10 years from now just barely paying them off of I have to do something that terrifies me to think of. Fortunately

Stephen:                             [00:09:27]               my youngest is going to graduate next year and so with no debt. And so it’ll be behind me. Then I have grandkids and it is funny we all contribute. It’s such a different generational thing because I’m a college graduate and my son my older son is a college graduate so we’re working towards our grandkids. The expectation is they’re going to go to college I mean it’s just the way it is right but we’re all putting money towards that because we all know what it’s going to cost.

Stephen:                             [00:09:55]               And so I I mean every Christmas has come and guess what. They don’t care about another toy although I have a warehouse full of toys. They care about my son cares about that check going in. And then you know every birthday and stuff. And then my son’s father in law same thing and then them. And

Stephen:                             [00:10:11]               it’s it’s weird how you know they’re 5 2 and 3 three two months three months and yet we’re already going there. That’s a sign that there’s a problem right. We already had it. We shouldn’t we shouldn’t have this long term plan just to get them in. So OK. So you went to school and what were they talking to you about school. I mean what did they think you were crazy when you left. Like how would you leave such a good job and then go to to sell t shirts out of your trunk of your car is that what you’re doing.

Glen:                                     [00:10:43]               Well at the time I was I was really just doing a lot of like a garage sales. I eventually went into MBA and then I was doing a lot of you know like R.A. and everything like that. But eventually it went into like Merc’s plans on which I’m really doing a lot of research from then and even now. But at the high end when I quit I think I was really doing a lot of just eBay garage sales and a lot of the art we are able to do for eBay.

Stephen:                             [00:11:10]               They think you’re not so I mean like why would you give up this good job. What’s your family say.

Glen:                                     [00:11:16]               My family is where I think by my dad my mom. I mean they they were supporting me because they knew they saw me miserable every morning when I was doing like I had to wear a full you know button up shirt the tie the slacks and keep up with all that. And people would ask me like oh where do you work and everything like Sunday.

Stephen:                             [00:11:37]               Exactly right.

Glen:                                     [00:11:38]               Yeah exactly. And at a time like I just didn’t I don’t even feel like that I felt oh that will kind of go into like a mini depression because I had so many student loans and trying to figure out what made me happy. And so that I know it didn’t. But my parents are really supportive. But everybody outside of that friends you know kind of the outside uncles and aunts and stuff like that and you’re crazy have your full time benefits. You have a full time career all of this. They’re put in money of course and you know Texas retirement and everything and but I’m not happy in. And I knew I had to make a change.

Stephen:                             [00:12:14]               Well you know it’s interesting as a young guy to make that decision because quite frankly you could have been trapped by those student loans. They could have smiled you like you have to have a job because you have to make those payments. Well now there are other ways to make those payments. I’m assuming you didn’t let them amortize the full 10 years did you.

Glen:                                     [00:12:31]               No I got it down to five.

Stephen:                             [00:12:34]               So think about that. How many of your friends are gone the full term.

Glen:                                     [00:12:38]               Oh yeah I have a friend right now. He’s struggling he you always play around the same I think as I do and even my brother too. He’s trying to figure out what he’s going to do. He went to school over there in Austin and he’s trying to pay that off too and both of them are both on a 10 year plan and I know it’s going to take a while it’s tough.

Stephen:                             [00:12:56]               And for 10 years your ears you’re hamstrung. I mean basically you have no freedom. Now do they have side hustles like you. Were they willing are they willing to sacrifice like you did.

Glen:                                     [00:13:11]               Both of them are learning a little bit more and more. But I know that it just takes a totally different mindset and the person to get things done like this and not everybody has that and it might be like a mini side hustle they would say. But yeah I think you have to be the right person to really push through because there’s a lot of a lot of work that goes into it.

Stephen:                             [00:13:34]               When you push through doing something that was probably you know you an artist right. I mean if you’re a graphic designer you have that art edge about you. And so Mirch coming along had to be like the clouds opening for you the angels right. I mean I I’ve seen I have a friend Rob who listens he’s local to me and he sent me a picture of his Mirch stuff the other day and it’s like oh my goodness. He owns a sign company and they do in-house graphic design. So guess what. This is his lane. And yet he comes with an MBA and he calls it on e-bay. I mean he’s really he’s one of those guys. Yeah. But but to be able to find your lane and if you didn’t start I mean think about this if you didn’t start on eBay and Amazon and FBA and all that could you have gotten to merge maybe maybe maybe not.

Stephen:                             [00:14:23]               Right. Right. I mean think of what you know how much easier is Mirch knowing that you can upload. I mean you can upload and stopped FBA for every writer are you creating listings so you don’t have those learning curves. So you know I think it’s cool that a guy like you can figure it out. So are you not doing as much FBA because of Mirch you’re so successful and Mirch and keeping the ebay thing going.

Glen:                                     [00:14:48]               Yeah even though he’s been kind of like a big part of me even when I was younger I joined in 2000 mostly because I like sports cars and I mean my cousin the main thing that we love to collect and also sell. But then when I got back into eBay and later on because of the student loans it was more of a thrill of the hunt. Garage sales. So I kind of kept that always going when I started FBA I really liked it a lot but then when Merv’s team like you said it was like Chris Green had those angel wings. I learned it from him because he was the one that really really brought it up first and he knows that interview in 2015 and no one was talking about it. And Chris Green was actually supposed to be talking about Q4 but he kept on mentioning it was like when are you going to get into like you for NBC.

Glen:                                     [00:15:37]               And then he never did as mostly just like Olmert is nothing. He keeps talking about it. I need to sign up right now. And I signed up with you know there was no you don’t have to get accepted. It was it was really really early Ellisville on on are a cue for you know NBA mode. So I really didn’t upload anything yet. But as soon as December all around mid-December I was like I need to go and really really figure this out because I know this is definitely in my lane. And so I started to really really you know crank out as many designs as possible and. And yeah I think it really helps to get in early.

Stephen:                             [00:16:14]               Yeah it definitely does. Chris is an early adopter. Chris is a visionary when it comes to the stuff he’s like he’s got a sense for it right.

Stephen:                             [00:16:20]               So he’s like and this is the next thing I mean he and when I am with Chris a lot and when he’s talking you know everybody’s leaning in a little bit closer to say what’s he talking about now. It’s like and it’s almost like a karaoke kind of thing he’s just paying attention. It’s not like he’s omniscient or anything like that. He’s just paying attention where we’re so busy in the noise. I mean I think that’s one of the hard parts for people isn’t it because they’re going to hear you talk about the magic of merge and how much money you make in a church and how you know you’ve basically been able to kind of walk away from FBA and you’re not worried about restrictions or you’re not worried about getting ungated in a particular thing today. Right. You’re going to hear that going to be like oh my god that’s what I need to do. The problem is they have all the noise of Q4 going on like you you know. And so I think it’s very difficult to serve multiple masters. Is that fair.

Glen:                                     [00:17:15]               Oh yeah totally. Because there’s so much opportunity up there and you’re really trying to figure out what of course what you are ultimately like to do. But also going to bring you money and an MBA was I I love doing MBA and sourcing but I think is just a totally different opportunity of course. No no sourcing no shipping products then and I get to do you know designs and it is what you love. Yeah exactly it was. It was the perfect opportunity at the right time to also take action because you know you tubers. They do give out info but not everybody’s going to take action and give them less than 10 percent let the person take action. Yeah there. And there were over 100 people watching the live stream when Chris was doing the interview and I was like I need to sign up right now and some of the people that I knew watched it were like I didn’t sign up. Why didn’t you sign up you were watching when I was watching. I don’t know why you would want to take action but not everybody does.

Stephen:                             [00:18:12]               Well you know here’s the other thing though I would say to you is that you’re taking action early on getting an MBA will start on e-bay and then getting an MBA then allows you to go when these lanes went well when these opportunities come along. You’re prepared. Right. Was that luck. You know opportunity and preparation meet. I mean that’s what happens right. If you would have just heard Mirch and you didn’t even know how to sell on Amazon or how to even get an account. You’d be in a different position right. You’d be one of those techie those creative artist guys like oh my god how do I do this right.

Stephen:                             [00:18:43]               So. So I think that’s the first lesson I would take away from it is a get in early on just doing a side hustle learning because it might not be the thing that you end up doing. I mean think about it when you got into it especially when you found FBA you had all the excitement all the enthusiasm Oh my God this is it. This is so much better than even I don’t have to create a listing I can just list right here. But even that gets old after a period of time. So be prepared Yeah. OK. So so you get into e-bay. Did you have a plane that you were focused on when you were when you were rock and E-bay when you first started. When

Glen:                                     [00:19:20]               I first started I did some of the sports cards. After that I kind of just went away from me for a little bit. I was in college or I was in high school at the time so in high school my senior year I started to sell McPharlin sports that you know oh I tell them although I still have a warehouse full of them so yeah. So what I did was I would I would customize them and repaint them into another player.

Stephen:                             [00:19:46]               So one of those guys.

Glen:                                     [00:19:48]               Yeah. And so I did that. And it’s also you’re a senior in high school. I did that and I was selling. So the first one I made it was like a wide receiver for the Raiders Ronald Curry. He made like a 100 Tantrik in the snow and I’m like I’m going to make that and put like you know kind of look like it’s snow and different background and stuff. And so that one sold for 160.

Stephen:                             [00:20:10]               No way.

Stephen:                             [00:20:10]               Let’s pause a second because that’s worth stopping because I think of the Toy Fair. It was part of the toy for for me is actually seeing what they can do to a Barbie or what they can do to they take and they do what you’re describing they make them incredible. Right. Yeah. So you took an item that was probably worth what 15 bucks 15 to$19. The were like 99 and 99 you took an item that was 999 took your skill set something you love Apparently you’re a it’s some sport you love it it’s something you can do. You saw this. I mean did you are you like one of those guys that looks at a rock and sees the image of what’s in the rock is when you looked at that image did you see that or do you have to get an opportunity like this is something that not really is really out there.

Glen:                                     [00:20:56]               I need to do something that I like and something that hasn’t really been seen felt like you know what I can always see like Tom Brady. I’m a dolphin fan. So for me to see Tom Brady over and over again I can’t stand it. But when I saw like on another Tom Brady you figure out another one of like what about the players that don’t get recognized. I’m pretty sure some people are going to one of them and then actually happened the first one sold for$160. But what’s kind of funny though is like this player’s agent was the one that ended up buying it. No

Speaker 13:                        [00:21:26]               kidding. That’s awesome. Yes.

Glen:                                     [00:21:30]               That was really really cool and I started to really do those more and more and more and most of them are selling like 60 here or 50 here and it was really you know I just loved repainting them and customizing them. And at the time no no I was kind of getting into college and now I don’t know I really want to go to college but I like you know what. My parents were really wanting me to go out the ready made maybe like a year in like just going to college. What

Stephen:                             [00:21:57]               do you think that potential is still there. I mean do you. And I would say the answer is going to be dusty. Yes. And when you go to the Toy Fair and they’re selling those figures for$2000 right some of those really crazy artist stuff. But somebody who has Listen to this. I mean this is a another way of thinking about you’re basically taking and you know you’re really knitting down to that true collector who loves that. Right. That authenticity. And yet you as an artist still get to be there. So is that opportunity still available today.

Glen:                                     [00:22:29]               Oh I think I think I researched it maybe like eight months ago and there were some people doing some some customized figures of some of the newer players and every year there’s new rookies or free agents go to new teams so it’s almost like new opportunities every year. You did want to do something like that.

Stephen:                             [00:22:46]               I think of there’s a fellow I haven’t had a man yet who cussed those custom Lego mini figs and I mean think about it. Right

Stephen:                             [00:22:54]               . It’s just he could do one of you right. I mean he can do anything he wants and it’s all technique and stuff like that but it’s just such a cool opportunity because he can take his skill set and marry it up to desire. And I mean it that world is still available. Somebody would say wait you know I’m too late I missed it.

Glen:                                     [00:23:16]               I think that’s true. I don’t think so I think. I think it’s also I think the opportunity is definitely there and maybe you can even expand upon that. And maybe you can do. I mean there’s other figures for you know McFarland’s stuff that they do have hockey and basketball you can do multiple ones mostly just concentrating on football but there’s other ones too in and also just different other types of figures too. Fun cozened stuff I mean who knows.

Stephen:                             [00:23:42]               There’s no the sky is what you see is a nine hour ninety nine said Oh there’s no profit to be made or you sold for$160. I think that was a little bit of profit in there. That’s a school that’s a cool store. I’m probably going to use that one because again it’s another technique another way of look at you know I guess. Let me say this. That’s a perspective issue. How many people looked at that figure like me what a scanned it and said no profit move on no profit move on that perspective.

Stephen:                             [00:24:12]               Where does that come from. I mean where did where did you dig in to find that. To me was it just a desire or I mean did you know it was going to sell. Did you research it upfront or did you kind of go on straight.

Glen:                                     [00:24:25]               I did a little research on it but I really didn’t see a lot of a lot of people doing it. And it was my thing I guess just being like you know a sports fan I just kind of figured like you know why don’t I see certain other teams out there maybe because they’re a small market team like I don’t know might have been like the Browns or somethin or compared to you know the cowboys. Everybody likes cowboys and they come out more and more and I was just kind of wondering like you know I know there’s fans of every team somewhere that will love some of these things and there’s new fans at every level. And

Stephen:                             [00:25:01]               so so I think I think the answer is you just have to win. When you said when I went looking for it and I saw there wasn’t any there there. That’s when the bell should be going off saying you know I have a desire for it. I can’t find it. So therefore there are other like minded people. I’m going to go and do and I think that’s a lesson. OK so you you start selling those things things you don’t OK you go to school. I mean were you selling textbooks or buying textbooks stuff for yourself because you had the skill set of.

Glen:                                     [00:25:31]               No one knew how ebay works at the time. When I started going to school I wasn’t really doing the videos anymore because of the time and then I started and then I got a job working at Toys R Us and that’s where you I got to really see first hand resellers and maybe some of the deals that they get you know and managers and I mean you know some of those people today.

Speaker 13:                        [00:25:56]               Oh yeah I mean really I see them around.

Glen:                                     [00:26:00]               Even some of the resellers that were there during that time and a lot of the time was like every action figures I was you know they were selling of course the McFarlane figures. It was kind of a different time I think during was maybe mid 2000s. Are you currently 2000 so is a little different.

Stephen:                             [00:26:19]               But you saw it and you saw them doing it making money and you’re like yeah. I mean were you able to buy and sell on your own.

Glen:                                     [00:26:28]               I was able to do a little bit on ebay at the time and I would get like a small store discount but I think ours is mostly focused on. OK I’ll make my money here but I really just wanted to just kind of get out of school like I was taking more courses. I was always going during the summer and I really just wanted to finish school. They know what my main priorities are a lot of the recycling stuff just kind of went in I did a little bit but not really enough to build upon probably you know I wonder if that’s a clue.

Stephen:                             [00:27:00]               Fast forward to today where you enjoy the Mirch side much more. That part of the business much more than the Amazon. They the side. I wonder if that’s a clue that that you know yeah you could do it and it’s neat but it’s not your love. Yeah yeah. OK. So so we’re going forward. You’re working at Toys R Us and this great lustrous career. And you’re go to school and did you graduate at that point and think about the the next level. I mean you were going at school but I mean did you think about the future.

Glen:                                     [00:27:39]               I think it’s that’s why I think they target you know people around our age during their time in college because you’re almost like what am I going to do with my life. I’m really not really sure. It’s like the perfect you know like he’s the perfect target to get them to go to school and figure out career wise so I quit. Toys R Us I worked part time at the university and then that’s what led me to the career. And then when I was there I just I couldn’t I couldn’t really handle the student loans with trying to eventually you know eventually I want to buy a house. I want to do things and I was just so I was just in this hole that I was like I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this. And I had a friend that he was going to get married soon and he was also had student loans and we all like he called me at the same time that I had already been kind of thinking about it.

Glen:                                     [00:28:25]               I’d passed by a garage sale and all I wanted to stop to kind of see what they have. You know I had like that e-bay knowledge and to me I just hadn’t really I guess touched upon it in a good while but I went I really didn’t find much. I was like you know there’s a lot of opportunities here. My friend called me I want to start going to garage sales and I like that start you know next Saturday match am. Yeah. And it’s it’s weird that you’re both on that same wavelength. It was it was weird like I’ve known him since high school. He’s still a great friend of mine right now and and he was just kind of on that same level. We just had the student loans and trying to figure life out. And he was like you want to go on have I guess 5 am.

Stephen:                             [00:29:06]               I went straight to his house every Saturday and and the garage sale time it went well in going together and I think this is another good tip for somebody going together I think is so much more fun than go by yourself. And I know yes you can we do this a lot when I go to trade shows a lot and I’ll go with someone and we’re likely going into the deal together. I don’t care. You know what I mean. I don’t need at all. And to me it’s more fun especially I think of the last trade show. One of the guys he handled the ordering. They shipped it to my warehouse I did the prepping the boom and I pay them right up front you know what I mean. And for the prep thing it’s cool like give and take. You

Stephen:                             [00:29:47]               know what I mean but it’s so awesome when it sells because we’re celebrating together. Yeah that’s much more fun. And the other thing I think is is that you learn more right. So what was it what your skill set was what was his skill set.

Glen:                                     [00:30:01]               He knew a little bit more about the research part like going through completed listings and Simionato and on yeah I didn’t even know anything with with researching in that part of the app and then I knew more maybe like the sports type of stuff you know more maybe like the video games. So we kind of combine that knowledge and at that time that’s where people that really didn’t know about you know in 64 games had come back in retro gaming and come back it was still kind of like there but not really you know full blown yet so we would we would resell a lot of video games.

Stephen:                             [00:30:33]               You guys killed it and he gave you that skill so he transferred that to you. Yeah. And you to him with what you knew. I think that that’s powerful.

Glen:                                     [00:30:42]               Yeah it was really cool to bounce those ideas back and forth and have another person and you know how can I hold you accountable and you guys can kind of both motivate each other and find. And yes it’s exciting. I

Stephen:                             [00:30:55]               always think when I watch Chris DePuy at his brother Emerson when they’re out there together you could see that that’s a love. I mean you know what I mean they tease each other but that’s a deep love that goes on you know a different level relationship. You know I know the brothers but it gets to a different place because they’re they’re encouraging each other. Oh I agree with them. It’s very cool. OK so. So you’re hitting it. You’re now making a little bit of money. Did you feel you know those first couple of sales. Was it you know was a$50$100. What was it that got you two. I see a B plan.

Glen:                                     [00:31:30]               I think it was one of the videogame decided to like combine you know systems with the right games. So those are some really really good ones like OK 120 here are 140 here and then we would start looking for certain items. Coach purses we were selling quite a race and then we started just finding you know those weird items on one garage sale. This guy was selling these Disney statues. It was like a Mickey Mouse one and then he had a dumbo one as well and they looked really really nice as a you know small little cracks here and there. But as far as the craftsmanship they were they were awesome and all the colors of the want for them. He said he wanted 40 each. We talked him down to 20 each of these things are pretty big. And sure enough they got him at the we had a Disney store here at the mall and they have these kind of like statues in the corners.

Glen:                                     [00:32:24]               These to have like a huge display and the only. Yeah and that’s where they came from. And so we we we thought we were the both of them. They’re extremely heavy. And I believe a dumbo and sold for like 2000 then oh my God and the Mikie one was like I think we know that because a twelve hundred. I think what we sold that one for. Oh yes we come across these home runs and of course those keep you going. I’m like man this is awesome. I was filming for YouTube or anything at the time but that would have been a totally cool vine to show it. When we first saw it. And so that was an awesome one another memorable one was on snapback caps.

Glen:                                     [00:33:05]               So at that time you know a lot of vintage 90s hats were coming back. Elya Raiders and mighty ducks and Charlotte Hornets. Now there are 14 again. But at the time they weren’t. And so I saw some ladies song these new vintage had they wanted a dollar apiece. I bought five of them. I tested out the market one to make sure everything was cool. They were vintage and they were selling for 50 each. And I sold all five of them. So I mean my friend and we went back to that house and we asked the lady you know what else do you have. You have a lot of these hats. We’ve got a great deal on them. And she used to have a vintage tickets like sports story and no one really wanted and she just kind of laughed with overstock when buying her out. And we made about$10000 on whom a good on the hat.

Stephen:                             [00:33:52]               But isn’t that the best part of if if you if you approach it not as a business like when you were doing it as a side hustle. Isn’t that the best part of the day when it doesn’t feel like a job.

Glen:                                     [00:34:03]               Yes. Yeah photo the way when of the hunt and you’re excited and you find these things. Yeah I just it just you just keep going and it’s exciting. Every

Stephen:                             [00:34:12]               single time you know the downside of that is it can get beyond you. Buying is great but selling is really important you know. And so you know you could buy and I have a warehouse full of regrets you know and you got to sit back and say wait I need a process in. Yes. So how did you figure that piece out. How did you figure out how to manage. You know you’re going to school you’re working already. I guess you’re working whichever way it doesn’t matter. You were doing a lot and then you’re you’re out there on Saturday buying and you start buying scale it sounds like you can do some quantity. How do you start creating the process how do you learn that and how do you refine it.

Glen:                                     [00:34:52]               So that was probably I guess a little bit tougher because it came down to like time management. And it just kind of got to a point here with work wise like you know what I’m going to do the very best that I can. I may not be enjoying it but I’m just going to do all of this. But as soon as I get it out I’m going to make a schedule and figure out what I want to do. So now that I added on through this being and going to different stores my job was like 30 minutes away and I hated traffic and waiting in that and sometimes to an hour in traffic. So when I was on the west side of town or my job was now Ratha work and go straight to these stores on the west side of town. And I want to get back to the east side of town.

Glen:                                     [00:35:34]               I’ll be back at home. Now I can figure out about taking pictures or listing Saturdays. I know I can do of the garage still have a hunting. So now you kind of figure out OK what’s what’s my plan how can I work this out sourcing wise and then selling wise the time that I know I can’t go to sourcing. I know I can go full on taking pictures. I’m listing and making sure I have the shipping and shipping work out because at the university level post office there so I can take it with me every morning. And then at lunch I can just cut it off.

Stephen:                             [00:36:07]               I think that efficiency is so smart. Every time you do something it’s intentional. And I think when you get to that place you were describing when you get out you were enthusiastic going to those stores was that the most is at the point when you knew that this life wasn’t going to be for you. This

Glen:                                     [00:36:24]               other life was I knew I knew it wasn’t going to be for me. And at the same time I think just different things happened at the same you know at the same point in time like I was almost done already paying I was almost done and I had read quite a bit of the student loans are ready. I love the side hustle out of been a couple of years into it already so I kind of prove that I could do it and I wasn’t I wasn’t really like crazy to quit. Now now now I was I was patient with it and I built it up. Now happy with that. And the same time workwise we got like a standard 3 percent raise. I was thrilled about that. And then they told me how they were going to hire well going to be 10 including my fourth boss. So like yeah it’s it’s time for me to make a change and get out of house.

Stephen:                             [00:37:13]               I just had this interview with someone we were talking about that point when your attitude changes and it’s not a negative it’s a positive when you realize you have a plan. It’s almost like an I don’t want to use this phrase like NFU you kind of you know what I mean. Not in a negative way not like you give up on your other job. But then all of a sudden you go win because you have a purpose like it for me and I described it where I was looking for an early retirement for you. It was to get you to where you want to go. There’s a place there’s a point when this business well you’ll that switch will go on for you. Yeah man. And then that negative situation you were in you could stomach it because you realize that there’s an end to it.

Stephen:                             [00:37:51]               Exactly. That’s a very cool place and so for those of people that are listening that are still in it and we’ve been there been there have been there for a long long time. It’s an awesome thing that will come to you and when it does embrace it because when you get on the other side of it it’s like this is awesome because you realize that you have a B plan. How many of your friends know we already talked about this how many of your friends are right still so their student loans and still they don’t have a plan. Right. Which is really scary. I saw somebody post the other day that they were working at a place for 19 plus years and they kind of stepped away from Amazon because they were working at their job and things are going great. And it was a young woman and she said that she got notice two weeks notice that they’re eliminating her job for technology. And so now think about that right here and that’s if she has a plan at least.

Stephen:                             [00:38:43]               But what about the coworker next to her What are they going to do.

Glen:                                     [00:38:46]               And and and going back I think when you all know when it’s time to go full time when your time is ready but really be present and really know what you can do this on a side and you’ve built it up you proving yourself a lot of people that that e-mail and I’ll tell him I’ll even talk to you on the phone and they’re like you know I love this merks thing I mean a couple hundred bucks. I want to quit my job. I don’t want to do this. You know hold on a little bit and let you know. I know it’s exciting but at the same time you’re going to know when it’s time to walk away from something like that. But don’t put yourself in that position. You know I had one check a month on my full time job and I thought to myself all the time if this goes away where am I going to go what am I going to do.

Glen:                                     [00:39:31]               And and it could happen it could happen with Amazon they could all of a sudden hey you restricted you can’t sell here anymore. What’s your backup plan. And the same thing goes if you’re a full time employee at a job that you’ve been working for 19 years one day to the next you can’t work here anymore. So there’s it could happen on both sides.

Stephen:                             [00:39:50]               What do you think at eBay for you is your be playing to your Mirch business now.

Speaker 13:                        [00:39:55]               Oh yeah it’s like your side hustle. It’s your side hustle again.

Glen:                                     [00:39:59]               And now I’ve added on. So I didn’t I didn’t start any youtube stuff until after I was done paying off my student loans because I felt I could give back in a certain way and I felt like I’ve proven myself that I’ve known I guess how to build and how to do something with eBay and make that extra money. So I would have been cool like everybody says the show the I guess the process of maybe like hey I’m going to start you know finding stuff a garage sale and pay off my student loans. But instead I did it the opposite way instead of on my journey. I did it afterwards were hey I know what I’m doing now I feel I can give back. So I started to do the YouTube channel and then started adding that on of course merging and e-bay and and everything so.

Stephen:                             [00:40:43]               But yet you could rest on your laurels and just get in the Merchant Marine and just stay there. Yet you still choose to and I think that’s the lesson. Right now you’re being patient about that you’re keeping. You’re not ready to give up on it.

Stephen:                             [00:40:54]               A Because it’s fun right as you described it especially if you can find more statues. You know I here’s my big regret. It was on Craigslist one time and it was the star wars Millennium Falcon the big ones that they only. Yes.

Stephen:                             [00:41:07]               And the guys like Steve. I was going to buy it. He’s like you realize how big this thing is. And I’m like well you know it was like five five or six hundred dollars I like and I passed on it and I’m like where am I going to put this thing. And right now I want it hanging in my warehouse right now it’s probably worth you know how many. But it’s just like those opportunities come in so that part of it. And so the fact that you still have that I think is a good lesson. So

Stephen:                             [00:41:29]               you know you’re branching out in other things you’re doing other things but you’re keeping your toe in where you can go nice and steady like a spaceship that’s a good study. I call it Foundation. RB everybody thinks I’m crazy because we have a large eBay business that I call a foundation that pays for rent it pays for all our expenses and we own 100 percent of our inventory. And so it pays for 100 percent of our expenses. And so that’s a nice place you can make different decisions and different choices. Yeah total walk through Mirch Let’s work through Mirch. So Chris get you started you get excited you sign up early on you are an early adopter you already knew how to do.

Stephen:                             [00:42:06]               I mean most of it right I mean your graphic artist so that part of it was easy you didn’t have that learning curve no other than Where’s the creativity though come from. I

Speaker 13:                        [00:42:16]               mean how many of what are you at now I run on the eight thousand eight thousand. How

Stephen:                             [00:42:21]               many live designs do you have about twenty five hundred twenty five hundred and I don’t know whether you have help helping you get them you know with the A’s and stuff but do you run out of creativity.

Glen:                                     [00:42:34]               I don’t run our creativity. I kind of run out of I guess time wise because I don’t have so much but I do love that’s one of the hardest part and I’d probably like one of the I guess a weakness I have right now is the outsourcing part because when you love to do things it’s kind of hard to let it go. More and more and I love doing the design part but at the same time I love doing editing and stuff for YouTube and kind of have that creativity video part wise and then I also love sourcing for e-bay. So it’s a it’s a hard balance but when it comes to that I just love doing that part and in designing and creativity not so much because I see different shirts on there and I figure out how can I make it better. How can I do it my own style how can I. You know they might have the right keywords but I definitely feel I can excel on the design part.

Stephen:                             [00:43:26]               So. So that’s where you do a lot of your mining is right off of Mirch itself and look in and see and hear. Yeah that’s a good idea but it’s not all the way. Let me take it to that real capacity for the real potential. Do you use an account manager at all.

Speaker 13:                        [00:43:41]               No I don’t.

Stephen:                             [00:43:43]               So I do. And Ashley is mine and she’s awesome and and so I get my my designs from elsewhere. But she does manages my account and that’s an option that if somebody is ever considering a private message me and I’ll walk you through how I do it. But it’s taken that piece of it. The time piece that I’m willing to give up yeah that’s really helped me now. Twenty five hundred is a pretty serious quantity. It’s impressive that you’re able to manage that and do all the other things that you’re doing because that’s a that’s an enormous. I mean how many shirts are you. New designs are you putting up a week.

Glen:                                     [00:44:19]               When I was really trying to build it up in the first maybe like six to eight months I was doing a hundred two hundred designs a week. Now that my wow goal. Yeah. And then now it’s kind of gone. It’s like up and down depending. I try to do more quantity wise I can niche so I can do more bulk listing. Right. So that helps me more to crank out more designs and get them listed quicker than what I was doing before.

Stephen:                             [00:44:48]               Well let’s talk about that because it sounds to me like you’ve figured out processes as you know you’ve been around for a while so you get to that you know you scaled and so then you pull back and you say OK this is the part I like. This is the part that works the [80:20] right you’ve narrowed it down. Let’s talk to somebody who’s new to it. Right so they got to get approved right. I don’t know. I don’t know that they’re approving any one during the fourth quarter right. I think they they pulled back and they’re not. But this January they’re going to again. So you get on the list right now that’s the first thing. What’s your advice for somebody who wants to get started in search. What’s the best advice you could give for somebody who wants to get started and to into temper where they’re going so they can get the most bang for their buck.

Glen:                                     [00:45:29]               I’d probably say the first thing you’re going to want to decide is if you want to do the designs yourself or you want to outsource. I almost think that the number one decision to make because you’ve got to figure out where you want to go from there and if you do want to outsource Now you go into the other mode to find designers and find how you’re going to do that. If you wanted to design yourself cell do you want to learn the illustrator do you want to learn other platforms to figure out how to do the design and maybe you like the design part and you want to do it maybe you just hate the design part. You don’t know what you’re doing. You think you know you don’t look that good. Then you can do the outsourcing but you’re going to have to decide you know from even that first 10 what you want to do.

Stephen:                             [00:46:14]               And so that’s using a company where you pay for their services right and or or hire V.A..

Stephen:                             [00:46:20]               You can go on up work or wherever you want or go to you know free up is one that I recommend that Nathan Hirsch’s company you can use them in so you can find designers through those services and U.P.S. is another one. I don’t want to forget I’m trying to think of who else. I know so many people I don’t want to forget them. There’s a lot of options. Look up reenable or green if you’re interested. She has a service that they offer. Matt Cartledge offers a service Brendan Sullivan offers a services a bunch of different people. And so when you have one of those services you’ve got to pay for it. Now they’re not guaranteed winners right. I mean there’s it’s it’s expensive. You know I’m a guy who pays. It’s it’s expensive. However you know as you say I mean I don’t want to learn that that’s something that you went to school for and it was natural for you. Right you’re good at it. Easy.

Glen:                                     [00:47:10]               That part I’m not willing to learn because I don’t I don’t think I have that design element in me and not everybody does and I think that’s perfectly fine because I’ve seen some people that have learned illustrator and Adobe products just because they were so interested in Mirch and then I’ve seen other people that are doing really really well from outsourcing. I’ve seen both sides.

Stephen:                             [00:47:32]               And my bet is the ones that we don’t notice are the ones that got the Adobe Illustrator and paid all that money and use it goes. Yeah I mean because they realize oh this is hard or a or it’s not interesting to me. Probably it’s not that they couldn’t do it it’s just not interesting to you. So you know figuring out. That’s it that’s a good piece of advice because there’s free stuff you can do. You don’t have to go all in for illustrator until you’re ready to. I mean you can do some there’s some free tools out there you can use. And then you can see where this doesn’t really excite me. OK great outsource. And then you can do it you have to build a business model if you’re going to outsource right. Just like you have to build a time model if you’re going to insource right.

Glen:                                     [00:48:13]               Exactly. Yeah you really have to figure out and figure out the design as you do like me. Some of them may not work out but some of them will and you’ll know the ones that do high quality work.

Stephen:                             [00:48:26]               Well you learn something from each of them no matter what. Even if their work isn’t that great right you learn something. So go to bed right. I mean sometimes it’s bad. Yeah. Have you been able to I guess you have right you’re able to take somebodies crappy design and make it a good idea.

Glen:                                     [00:48:43]               Yeah that’s right I like to see them. I see them every day. Today I was just doing some research too this morning and I’m afraid to sound some Christmas designs that I’ve got most of them in and they’ve been in for the last couple of weeks but I know I can build upon some of the ones that I see on there right now so I’m trying to do that. And so my regular account I have 8000 here I built that up and I’ve made good money from that. But at the same time I also had a friend that was struggling Sentier didn’t sell any shirts. And so I made a deal with him and I told them you know what. Let’s get something going let’s go half and half on your account. And you know eventually we have to get everything going with the contract and everything but 50/50 and and so now I have full control of that account and building that up.

Glen:                                     [00:49:34]               Now that account I just got teared up to 25 I sold my first 10 shirts and now I’m starting from scratch on a new account and eventually I want to try to I guess handle multiple accounts if that’s possible.

Stephen:                             [00:49:47]               Well it’s a good opportunity again to talk about it what with with someone if they’re interested and they’re not. That’s not his only I guess. Right. And so the fact that it isn’t doesn’t mean he’s out of the game. He can take a role in it. So

Glen:                                     [00:50:03]               what is his role other than having the account of his role right now is not much until I can kind of really build that up a little bit. I think once we get to the 100 here then we can kind of figure out what he’s going to do. I’m going to be adding more shirts. And so he’s going to do and I’m probably in his part is to put in more of the. And his money is outsourced to get more designs on his site so I can supply 25 designs. He has to supply 25 designs but he’s going to have to outsource them. So

Stephen:                             [00:50:32]               but that’s OK because you both benefit right now. He’s got to his cost is going to be higher than yours but your cost is really high because it’s your personal time. Yes so that’s a real high. Well I mean there’s value there right. We shouldn’t downplay that because that comes at the cost of something else. Right. But I love the fact that that doesn’t make him out of the game. You win and he wins. And I just I think Plus isn’t it more fun. I guess we’re back to that discussion. How cool was it when you guys are excited and when you get excited I mean you got to be cool again. Are

Glen:                                     [00:51:02]               you as excited to some the idea because I mean he came over we talked about it and he’s like yeah you know let’s do this. And we can build upon it because yeah he was frustrated with it but you know I know that I could definitely take it to another level. So he was he was excited about it and still is so are you excited about it.

Stephen:                             [00:51:20]               Oh me again this goes back to that conversation you could so by yourself and have incredible success. But it’s a lonely lonely world. Or you can go with a friend and you guys can just be goofballs and just have fun. And then it doesn’t feel like work at all. Because I imagine even in the church world designing gets to be lonely sometimes right.

Glen:                                     [00:51:40]               Yeah it does get a little lonely. And that’s part of why I think that eBay kind of helps me to go for it because there’s times to I’m like I really don’t want to sit here and design something maybe just not feeling it today. Maybe had I designed heavily yesterday. Now I get to mix in some sourcing and and I think you really need that balance too if you’re one of those people that need to do different things and you can’t sit there on the computer. Yeah definitely get out there and mix it in with some other some other platforms.

Speaker 14:                        [00:52:10]               What percentage of your revenue comes from e-bay now which is say from e-bay are probably saying maybe poncing about 25 percent higher than I would have.

Stephen:                             [00:52:24]               So that’s pretty significant. So you’re giving it a pretty good run because you make a lot of money on Merge So you’re giving it a pretty good run.

Glen:                                     [00:52:30]               I’m getting a pretty good run for for that. I think 25 percent that’s 50 percent from merge and then the other ones get divided I help my family business a little bit. I do that in the mornings I’m like semi part time. So they still pay me from doing that. And then ebay I mean from YouTube then I get paid monthly on that. But that’s probably another 10 percent or so and then.

Stephen:                             [00:52:53]               So you’re putting in all this extra effort and way more than what you were doing when you were working at. But which is more reward.

Glen:                                     [00:53:01]               Well this is a totally different feeling in and it’s just you know when people get different emails you know things are helping me doing this and we’re just going to different conferences and seminars and stuff kind of like we talked about with Stephanie and I did a presentation for them in Dallas and and for people that are like you know thanks for helping me on this and and meeting people like that. That’s different from money. Like

Stephen:                             [00:53:24]               that’s a totally different feeling that not everyone is ever going to feel but it’s so real when you get that note that says hey and what we were talking about was in a prequel was Stephanie inj who has the Dallas meet up group Gwen spoken there and to me giving back. Right. And you had no expectation you went there and you gave in because she was like oh Cape and he actually came in and they got a lot from it. But giving back is the reward isn’t it. I mean that’s really when it comes down to it that’s the reward. Yeah. And you don’t get that. Not that I’m complaining about the college job. It’s very nice but you don’t get that there.

Glen:                                     [00:54:01]               Yeah. And Chris Green 30 percent race back either. And he give back by just mentioning this new exciting platform that he felt was going to be the next biggest thing. And he gave back and then I learned from that and then I can get back in. That’s the beauty of whole thing.

Stephen:                             [00:54:19]               I think so too and I think you’re a perfect example of somebody who’s a multiple streams are not limited. But again I would go back to you taking you know football figures and making them and seeing multiples. I’m telling you that’s a that’s a talent that you can see money in that way. OK. So let’s do this. I want to help advance people. I think the lesson that you have you have figured out how to take and enjoy what you’re doing. You didn’t fail in FBA. No you just said it’s not my thing. Right which is cool. The fact that you did figure out that it’s not your thing yet you learn something and then you’re able to apply it. I mean like I said you might not have heard about Mirch for another two or three years had you not been in the game world and heard Chris great.

Stephen:                             [00:55:03]               You know it could be two to three years down the road and then you’d be like oh what’s this smirch thing here seven years in. But the fact that you were an early adopter because you were and to me is of course part of the story and everyone in his game right now. You know I always said Andy SEVENZO he says this What about 15 percent of retail that was done online. Maybe it’s up to 20 but we’re in the beginning stages of it right. We’re just in the birthing stage. So if you’re coming into this business now you’re still early early so get in and learn and pay your dues. Everybody’s paid their dues you know I mean we’ve all gone through the misery. You know it’s not you know unicorns and rainbows all the time.

Glen:                                     [00:55:44]               You know it was falling like two years old and merge and they even added any new products they added long sleeve but they haven’t just come.

Stephen:                             [00:55:53]               So my first long sleeve. Oh that’s awesome.

Glen:                                     [00:55:57]               They haven’t even got it like touch the surface yet. All the other stuff that are going to eventually add on. You know as they keep growing this platform so it’s still very very new. And I struggle that even in the first couple of months trying to get things going and figuring out how I’m going to build this. And finally some March 2016 I had made thirty two hundred dollars on that first check and then I just kept on building and building and building.

Speaker 13:                        [00:56:26]               So last.

Glen:                                     [00:56:26]               What’s your biggest Give us our 200 our sort of 10000 last December like man I was almost there but my last check the one I got from October just put me over a hundred thousand in unpaid royalties all time for remerging So$100000. How

Stephen:                             [00:56:50]               much inventory did to him. Many how many times you go to the post-office. Yeah you know but think about that. You know you’ve taken the best part of it. Here’s another thing. When you were talking about you know they’re just getting started. You’re in the college scheme that’s where they buy the the the Churchkey. Right. Think of all those things that have that college logo on it. Right. I mean all that crap in the store that’s stuff you’re going to be selling through Murcia eventually. All right. I mean you’re going to be selling coffee mugs and you know beer glasses on climate blah blah blah. You have Owmby right it’s coming. Yeah. And so the fact that you’re in in your early love and give me you got me excited. I’m pumped. OK so that’s how people get get going. And I want to get them past the point of stunk.

Stephen:                             [00:57:36]               We can be e-commerce general. We could be ebay specific we could be Mirch Pacific or FBA specific multitasking or local game because you do too. So it could be any of those. But I want to get people to go forward I want to get them to take me first I’m going to start the first on the two back and forth. Take action. Number one take action. All right you’re up for number two.

Glen:                                     [00:57:59]               OK. And I am I’m probably going to go deep into the merge part because I think a lot of people say I’m OK with that. Stuck in a 10 year and a 25 year old on a hard is to think really break out of because you’re very low as you’re trying to figure things out number. I mean this isn’t really anything huge until I get into the bigger part. But you have to read the Terms and Conditions. I get so many people that they get their you know account terminated because they didn’t read on things you can and cannot do I can’t just use just what’s wrong with me and I can. Oh man I get so many of those and I’m like you have to just kill yourself with with those rules and conditions. It’s not the same as other platforms. Please do the research on that first.

Stephen:                             [00:58:46]               OK. That’s a good one. Yeah. All right. I’m the third one.

Stephen:                             [00:58:49]               So I’m I’m going to say is keep an eye on multiple streams however and don’t get don’t do the shiny object thing and try to do them all. Master one move on to the next one. Yeah

Glen:                                     [00:59:03]               I definitely agree on that one. That’s how I was. I felt like I was very very comfortable in you being what I was doing now kind of an MBA MBA sold for about two years but Mirch came along. OK. Now I want to master this but unfortunately I left the Abbey behind something had to give it quite something to have sticking around.

Stephen:                             [00:59:22]               And that’s the cool part is you get to choose that. Yeah. I mean you had three options there to choose from. To me that’s the coolest thing. Yeah

Glen:                                     [00:59:29]               definitely. And all right you’re up. All right so number I guess our number four I would say if you’re stuck in the tenth year you know you kind of read the conditions you know the basics start getting deep into the research. Download the Amazon Amazon quick view Chrome extension. It’s FREE. It’s going to show you the BSR. For all of the words you really want to see what’s selling right now. What are people doing well on and just figuring out why are they selling. Is it the design is the design really really good. Is it the keyword. Is it the pricing is a slogan clever or really just you know popular idea. Do the research on this and figure those things out because that’s where you’re going to have to start on the 10 year the outliers that are really doing well.

Stephen:                             [01:00:19]               They’re executing all of those aren’t they.

Glen:                                     [01:00:21]               They’re really doing good on all of them.

Stephen:                             [01:00:24]               Right. Right. And because I mean you do you have to do good on all of them to get started. I

Glen:                                     [01:00:29]               don’t think you do. I think even the keyword I think if you have some of the basics of the keywords you’re not stuffing and putting a bunch of things in there to some of the basics to get you in. And people notice it. I think you’ll be fine. The design I think is is really really huge. And also the the the idea behind it if it’s something that people can familiarize themselves with if it’s just something that you came up a copy Roughead you think that’s funny. There’s no other shirts based on that. I think it’s going to be tougher that way.

Stephen:                             [01:01:02]               You love it. OK so I think the next one. Number five would be you’re going to have to put the thousand hours in it to learn it to master it. However you can take shortcuts i.e. you can outsource a piece in itself a thousand hours is all of it. I might outsource 300 or 400 of those hours in the day maybe five under those hours and the design side by hiring designers as opposed to me doing that myself. So you can outsource a certain part of it and still put your thousand hours in but you’re still going to have to pay for it either in time or money for that matter.

Glen:                                     [01:01:37]               That’s right on point. Totally agree with. And as I say my next one would be testing. Everything goes with testing and it’s trial and error. I know it’s different when it comes to e-bay maybe OK I lost a couple of bucks here. FBA you. You shipped something and you forgot to label it you forgot to do this or something. But in this case you’re going to have to test to figure out what is working and if you’re going let’s say 10 here I’d probably divide it maybe try to do five in one niche and five and then another niche figure out OK well the first shirt that sells then go all in. That was the first I like this niche it’s doing well right now. Let me get the other five out of there and go 10. All in on this one needs we know it’s selling. Now you can kind of build upon that.

Stephen:                             [01:02:30]               Love it. All right we’re going to keep going and I’m going to talk about networking. So we talked about it earlier on how it’s so cool to go out and buy things with a partner with a friend. But it’s also equally just as good to get into this business with a friend with someone else who can help hold you accountable. Hey we got to get her 10 shirts up today. Hey we got to get this done. Hey. And you can bounce off ideas off of each other. You know there has to be an understand it has to be a level of trust to say you know a you know Glenn I’m going to work in on the unicorn’s side of the business. That’s my thing my lane and I would hope you know that there’s a level of trust that you’re not going to be in that and you’re going to work on the peanut butter side or whatever.

Stephen:                             [01:03:11]               I don’t know why I went to like a little peanut for some reason I thought of a peanut anyway. But it’s that but doing it together and start rocking and rolling because guess what. Together you and I are not one plus one equals two. We are three or four because there’s going to be little tricks you’re going to figure out. I’m going to be like oh I can’t get this. And you going to go just do this. And that power of that networking is so important and this is such a great place to do it.

Glen:                                     [01:03:36]               You can agree on that one. And I probably say the follow up is just to constantly be learning because you’re at the tend to get to 25. Even if something does work for you it may not work for you at 100 years. It may not work for you after that once you’re kind of building up. You’ve got to figure out and not only that once you have more slots open you have to figure out time wise how are you going to fill up slides who you’re going to hire if you’re going to hire. How are you going to do and figure out time management and how are you going to do that. But you’re going to constantly be learning and trying new things but get into some of these you know pre-Facebook rules. And we have a podcast merge minds we just talk about merge by Amazon. There’s other people who have YouTube videos constantly keep learning about this.

Stephen:                             [01:04:24]               Love it. All right my last one and I was sitting there thinking about what I think somebody needs to do if they’ve made it this far and this is something they’re into. And they see this as an opportunity and they they can see themselves doing it then look past this look past it to say hey this is a big universe this is going to be a big you know big opportunity.

Stephen:                             [01:04:44]               But you know that’s when you can start looking at the C’s and the T’s Marines and all the rest of these other options there’s a million of other things that you don’t yet know when you start down these rabbit holes all of a sudden you can be like whoa. You mean there’s nine other mega sites that sell T-shirts if not more. Right. I mean there’s a lot of them and you never even heard of but the whole most of you’ve never heard of but they’re there. And then when you think about with the ETSI opportunity and all the rest is just know that there’s a bigger picture and don’t get enamored by it all but just realize that you want to start.

Stephen:                             [01:05:14]               I describe it this way a master garden plant. Right. When you’re having a house a big piece of property you get the plan developed you know and then you start working towards that plan. Everything you do is filling in towards that master plan. That’s what you want to do with this approach.

Glen:                                     [01:05:28]               And to follow up I’m yours. I’m just going to go on go in with as Gary B would say is patience because you’re you’re not going to make the quick money especially on merits. It does take a while to really build up but I think the same thing kind of goes through on the platforms that we’ve talked about with FBA and Eby. It’s not going to happen overnight. You’re going to keep working at it and just stay patient with it. And if you do want to eventually quit your job or something like that you’ll know when it’s the right time. But keep hustling keep building that up and just be patient with it you’ll know love it.

Stephen:                             [01:06:05]               Now it’s exactly where I wanted to go because there’s milestones when you start putting those milestones in there and then you start hitting them. You can then accelerate it but still don’t go up too early. Be patient. OK. So somebody has follow up questions. What’s the best way to get in touch. So we get the much mind podcast Mirch minds podcast. OK.

Glen:                                     [01:06:27]               What’s the YouTube channel hustler hacks on YouTube.

Stephen:                             [01:06:31]               Hustler hacks and I’m going to have links to all these the the chrome extension again was D.S. Amazon quick view. D.S. Amazon quick view and it’s a chrome extension. Is that it paid for its free. K extension and it’s a chrome extension and that’ll help you figure all those things out. So somebody they can reach out to these other places. Is there an email or Facebook where somebody can follow up if they have more questions.

Glen:                                     [01:06:59]               You can e-mail me Hosler hacks the number one at gmail dot com. Go to my Web site Hossler hacked dot com. You can contact me through there either one. OK

Stephen:                             [01:07:10]               . All right. I’m going to get that in there too. Now I understand why everybody was like Steve you’ve got to have ready. So I’m telling you about six people think about that. That’s a that’s a big state. No

Stephen:                             [01:07:23]               I don’t I don’t know many other people that somebody has said you know six different people who said oh this person you know it’s a pretty big statement dude. I really appreciate you taking the time and I wish you nothing but success and I know you’re going to have it thing as well.

Glen:                                     [01:07:37]               Thanks for having me on. I’m really really excited when when you sent me the message I’m like man I’m going to be in the park.

Stephen:                             [01:07:45]               Very cool. All right. Peace in your life.

Speaker 15:                        [01:07:47]               Man what a great interview. Great guy clearly knows what he’s doing clearly has a plan. And again I just love younger guys figuring this out. Younger ladies of course. And it just takes you a better place. So don’t forget her sponsors scope from Sellar labs. Amazing stuff. You got to be using it if you’re not you’re missing out using it right now again on wholesale and I know I say that a lot but it’s the truth because I do a lot of wholesale bundles and a bunch of whole sell stuff. So it’s so useful. Right. But then you got to get ready for amazing freedom to be launched and of course soon. But they’ll teach you to use a scope. And the other tools for keywords keywords are everything right. And so finding out the key word what people are searching for then you can go search for products.

Speaker 15:                        [01:08:32]               Yes you could do it that way. So I’ll have links to that in upcoming episodes to get ready to launch and solutions for e-commerce. Karen Lochore solutions for e-commerce dot com slash momentum’s say 50 bucks. She saved me a ton of time. She’s part of my team their whole team is part of our team. And man what a great way to start the new year if you’re not using a manager. And I just happen to like Karen because she responsive for me and she’s proven it for the last two years I guess I’m coming up on and many others. So works for me. Our relationship works for me I don’t want to say it that way but it really makes it work really well. So e-commerce momentum dot.com take care.