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47 Bonus Episode: Carol Blake | Millions Against Monsanto March | May 23, 2015
23rd May 2015 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Carol Blake is a local activist and environmentalist here to talk to us about the Millions Against Monsanto March. It’s an event that was first held in 2013, worldwide that is being held in over 330 cities this weekend on Saturday May 23, 2015. To protest Monsanto taking over our food supply with Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs.

And GMO’s are basically an unnatural, produced substance that is being injected into our food supply and they are very secretive about the whole thing, not very many people know about it. A lot of people think it’s the same thing as hybridization of foods, where you breed a plant or animal for a certain characteristic but no this is taking two different species and joining them together, and the problem is that there is not any labeling of them or any testing.

We are going to have 4 speakers at our event on Sat 11-2 in Riverside Park here in Eureka, music, information, raffle, speakers, organic popcorn. Carol is going to be one of the speakers and is going to read a little part of her speech:

What I would like to talk to you today about a book called Altered Genes, Twisted Truth that has just been published. This is a book that scientist Jane Goodall says this one of the most important books in the last 50 years. It tells the story of how the chemical industry and Monsanto specifically is creating “frankenfoods” which is what they are calling them now. And how our food supply is being controlled by subverted science, corrupted government and how they have systematically deceived the public.

The author Steven Drucker, is a public interest attorney who has been working on obtaining truth disclosures about GMO’s from the chemical industry and our government for over 20 years. His investigations have compiled extensive evidence of an enormous and ongoing fraud. It reveals that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has let these controversial unnatural organisms into the marketplace while deliberately breaking the law, and representing the facts in favor of the chemical companies

The same companies, mainly Monsanto, just assured the FDA of their safety enough the FDA never conducted any studies of their own, even though their own scientists recommended that happen. So without any testing or verification of safety, the FDA opened up two giant cans of unknown worms.

1. How will these organisms that they have made food out of effect the people and the livestock that eat them?


2. How will these foreign substances that were create unnaturally affect our planet’s ecosystems and the rest of our food supplies?

Why do the FDA and EPA break their own rules, 20 years ago and just unleashed these organisms on the public? This book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth answer these questions with overwhelming documentation.

What happened it came down to the US wants world dominance of the agriculture industry. That was the stated goal during the Reagan administration during the 1980s. And to do that they couldn’t have any pesky regulators slowing them down, so a green flag was given to the governing agencies to do what needed to be done to speed things up. And because they never required any long term testing for the last 20+ years, our citizens have become guinea pigs for an experiment that they didn’t agree to and they knew little or nothing about.

So that’s pretty scary to me, but fortunately the genie is slowly emerging from the bottle and as more and more facts are being discovered about the cover up the public is starting to demand answers. The problem is the answers are very slow in coming because the chemical industry is so powerful the whole subject is practically forbidden to be addressed by most mainstream media outlets.

Scientists who are gutsy enough to speak out against chemicals or urging to have testing done, are either discredited or actually fired from their jobs. Hence the ubiquitous silence on this subject.

So the people of the world, the people own the power that can change the game plan, and that is Monsanto’s dominance of the world’s food supply. Countries around the world including Japan, Australia, and all the European nations either have labeling laws, or have been banned altogether.

Our very first state to put labeling initiative on the ballot was California in 2013. And even though polling showed the overwhelming majority of people wanted to know what was in their food the initiative failed, because Monsanto and it’s cohorts spent 45 million dollars to scare people into defeating it. They flooded the media with adds that claiming it would cost the consumers an extra $400 a year for labeling which is entirely untrue. Food labeling laws have been in effect for decades and the cost to the consumer has been $0. They don’t want us to know because who would chose poison, but that’s exactly what GMO’s are. They’re poison. Come on, even mattresses have to be labeled, but food doesn’t? That sounds dangerous.

Despite California’s setback, Vermont has just passed a law, requiring labeling of GMO’s and that law has constitutionally been held up in the court about a week ago, and that’s a start but we need a national law, that says “This product contains GMO ingredients.” Plain and simple. If someone chooses to eat them fine, but at least people should have a choice. That’s my feeling and my number one goal.

But the story actually gets worse. Right now, our Congress is proposing a Monsanto dream bill that would forbid states to enact and enforce their own labeling laws. The opponents of GMO food labeling are calling this the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014, but it proposes no such thing.

The proponents call it the D.A.R.K. Act which stands for Deny Americans the Right to Know, and it would keep perpetuating the thinking that GMOs are safe. This act has to be defeated, but to get the job done it’s gonna take each and everyone of us to write and call our representatives and demand that they vote against this horrific bill.

So my fondest wish is that you will all read this informative book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, go online you can follow us on Facebook, GMO-Free Eureka, MT. and get involved. Take up this issue in a big way, our lives and our planet are depending on it. Wear red, because it’s enough to make your blood boil!

If you’re interested in learning more about Monsanto and the effects of Roundup and Autism and other diseases and the studies being done, Dr. Stephanie Seneff was my guest on Episode 9 who has researched this at MIT.


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