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Doom and Gloom
Episode 824th January 2022 • Revengers: Friends From Work • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name: Revengers: Friends from Work

Episode #8: Doom and Gloom

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You are listening to Revengers: Friends from Work, the podcast with your host(s) Christina Zelin.

In this episode of Revengers: Friends from Work the Podcast, I will be discussing: The loss and grief that all the heroes have been through, and what the price is to be a hero. (There will be spoilers for Spiderman: No Way Home!) Also, see if you can figure out the theme to all the episode titles so far! Answer will be revealed in the next episode which is the final one.

What it means to be a hero:

  • Answering the call when no one else will.
  • The Avengers speech: “There was an idea….”, that perfectly captures who the Avengers are and what they do and why they do it.
  • Sacrificing their happiness for the greater good.
  • No hero is happy, everyone has lost something or someone.
  • Doesn’t matter if you are the god of thunder, the sorcerer supreme, or a witch, everyone can be a hero, and everyone has a hero inside them. We see heroes everyday, people who show up and step up when no one else does.

Examples of heroes’ losses:

  • Tony: Lost his parents, watched Peter get blipped, was stuck in space for 22 days, and sacrificed himself to save the universe while Peter and Pepper watched him die, also leaving his daughter Morgan behind.
  • Steve: Thought to have lost his best friend in war, sacrificed himself to save the world from bombs, was frozed in ice for 70 years, having to live in a whole new time period, losing the love of his life, leaving him alone, all he had were the Avengers.
  • Natasha: She was abandoned by her parents at birth, was again abandoned by her adoptive parents and sent to the Red Room to be a trained killer, had her entire childhood stolen from her, got separated from her sister for years, reconnect with her again, just for her to get blipped and come back later to find out that Natasha sacrificed herself to bring her, and the rest of the universe back.
  • Thor: Lost his home, his parents, his brother, his best friend, and his love. He went through a depressive state after losing to Thanos, not really seeing a reason to be happy. He was haunted by the memories of the fight in Wakanada, not even wanting to mention Thanos’s name.
  • Wanda: Lost her home and her parents at the age of ten. Lost her brother in the Battle of Sokovia, and had to kill the love of her life in order to make sure Thanos didn’t get the mind stone. She killed him, only for Thanos to rewind time and kill him again himself, while Wanda couldn’t do anything to stop it. Wanda was so heartbroken by what happened to Vision, that she created an alternate reality where she got the life that she wanted with Vision just to deal with her trauma.

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