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73. Penney Peirce: Master Translator for Our Times!
8th March 2018 • Freeing the Body, Freeing the Soul! • Dr. David Kamnitzer
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Penney Peirce is a respected and gifted visionary and clairvoyant empath with deep psychological understanding and business sense. She is an early pioneer in the intuition development movement and consistently writes leading edge books that open the way to new pathways of consciousness and personal and societal transformation. She is known for her common-sense approach to spirituality and the development of expanded human capacities.

A popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer, Penney specializes in intuition and sensitivity development, “skillful perception,” personal energy and frequency training, dreamwork, accessing the imaginal realm, and future trends.

She travels widely, working throughout the US, Europe, Japan, South Africa, and South America as an advisor to business executives, scientists, psychologists, celebrities, other consultants and trainers, and those on a spiritual path. Since 1977, she has counseled hundreds of thousands worldwide about life and business direction, and the fulfillment of destiny.

Penney has worked with organizations like the Center for Applied Intuition, The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, and The Intuition Network. She’s been on the faculty of The Kaiser Institute’s Intuition Fellowship program (training hospital CEOs, health care consultants, and philanthropists in the development of visionary skills) and has worked with Knowledge Harvesting and The Arlington Institute. She has teamed with shamans, led spiritual tours to Mt. Fuji, Peru, Egypt, and the American Southwest, and been a TV talkshow host. She has spoken and taught at colleges and conferences internationally, and appeared on radio and television interview shows internationally.

Penney emphasizes the practical aspects of consciousness development and transformation, helping people apply “direct knowing” and new, spherical-holographic perception to increase natural efficiency and their enjoyment/participation in life. Her work assists people and organizations in uncovering life purpose and action plan, understanding and easing transitions, alleviating burnout, and finding accurate answers to pressing questions.

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