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Can you help educators find answers to your questions? - NAPE 075
1st December 2021 • National Association for Primary Education • Mark Taylor
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Here at the National Association for Primary Education are looking for educators to help us 'Pay It Forward'.

We see hundreds of questions asked on social media every week. What if we could collate the answers, get your views and experiences in a way that could support thousands of others?

If you are an educator and have ever asked a question and received a great answer - online or in person - we invite you to Pay It Forward.

Please be a guest on the NAPE podcast with Mark Taylor (NAPE vice chair) and spend 10 minutes discussing these 5 things.

  1. How are you currently involved in education?
  2. What question did you ask?
  3. What was the answer?
  4. Who gave it to you?
  5. What advice can you share from your own experiences?

That is it!

To get involved and find out all the details please visit