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Insights from Jeff Merrill on Trawlers, JMYS, Trawlerfest | Boating Insider S2 EP3
Episode 328th February 2024 • Boating Insider • Vessel Vanguard
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In this conversation, Jeff Merrill discusses his background in sailing and yacht sales, as well as the appeal of trawlers and the importance of the people involved in boating. He emphasizes the need for buyers to consider insurance, pre-qualification, and training before purchasing a boat. Merrill also highlights the role of Vessel Vanguard in organizing boat information and offers insights into the initial contact and financial considerations when buying a boat. This conversation covers various aspects of buying and owning a boat, including the cost, choosing the right boat, inspecting the boat, and understanding the time spent on board. It also discusses the importance of the layout and flow of the boat, the percentage of time spent underway, and the purpose of Trawler Fest. The conversation concludes with a mention of the seminars and the Ask the Experts round table at Trawler Fest.


  • Consider the people and the places you will experience while boating, rather than focusing solely on the brand or size of the boat.
  • Don't wait for the perfect time or boat to start boating; take action and make it happen.
  • Insurance, pre-qualification, and training are essential aspects to consider before purchasing a boat.
  • Vessel Vanguard provides a valuable service in organizing boat information and keeping track of important details.
  • Building a relationship with a knowledgeable broker can help guide you through the boat buying process and ensure a smooth experience.
  • Boats are a financially irresponsible decision, but they can also hold their value and provide incredible experiences.


00:00 Introduction

01:10 About Jeff Merrill & JMYS

05:23 The Appeal Of Trawlers & The People Interested

07:57 Jeff's Sailing Background

10:06 Considerations for Buying a Boat

15:12 The Importance of Insurance and Pre-Qualification

18:57 The Involvement Of The Internet In Boating

22:19 The Role Of Vessel Vanguard In Organizing Boat Information

25:51 Initial Contact & Getting To Know The Buyer

28:29 Financial Considerations & The Value of Boats

29:37 The Cost of Buying and Owning a Boat

31:18 Choosing the Right Boat

37:05 Understanding Time "Required" On Board

40:10 Trawlerfest 2024

42:21 Jeff's Seminars At Trawlerfest

51:07 Other Trawlerfests To Visit

53:23 Outro




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