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Linda Cohen – Discover the Return on Investment of Kindness (ROI)
Episode 1027th June 2022 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

Kindness is not always seen as a priority in the workplace, especially as it can contrast with the traditional image of a successful entrepreneur. Haven't we been told that 'nice people finish last?' Office culture can be cutthroat and competitive, leading to hurtful criticism, lack of collaboration, and miscommunication.

However, now we are increasingly talking about wellbeing in the workplace, and bringing an authentic quality to our work, being gentle with ourselves, and with others around us. And to help us understand the ROI of kindness, is author, speaker and trainer, Linda Cohen.

Guest Bio: 

Linda Cohen, also known as the Kindness Catalyst, has been a nationally recognized kindness expert and professional speaker for over a decade. She works with a wide variety of businesses and associations on the ROI of Kindness. Her 2nd book The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line was published in October 2021.

A culture of kindness improves team performance and company morale. Acts of kindness strengthen employee engagement. Kindness practices help build stronger organizations live and virtually.

Linda’s virtual and live programs are highly interactive and go well beyond Q & A with customized activities that allow for laughter, team recognition, and significant connection. Linda customizes and creates one of a kind engaging and fun programs for each audience to help everyone Reimagine Kindness.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

04:39 What holds you back from being kind 

06:32 Both kindness and unkindness are contagious

07:45 Every one of us is shouldering a burden right now

14:49 Authenticity, vulnerability and kindness are not weaknesses 

18:02 Recognition program

22:12 A formula for kindness

26:47 A thousand Mitzvahs project

28:12 Elevating kindness can combat burnout

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