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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 27th January 2021
TCA Ep782: Jamming Up The Mash - 2021 WWE Royal Rumble Preview
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TCA Ep782: Jamming Up The Mash - 2021 WWE Royal Rumble Preview

On today's show Matt is joined by one of TCA's favourite guests - Kevin Michie of Sportsnet - to tee up the WWE Royal Rumble taking place this weekend.

Before they cover the show at hand the guys discuss their latest craft beer findings, the recent sale of WWE Network rights to NBC and the Peacock streaming service and what it might mean for WWE fans in Canada moving forward.

Later on talk of course turns to some of Matt & Kevin's favourite Royal Rumble memories including Vince McMahon eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1999 and Bret Hart and Lex Luger having a bit of a tie in 1994.

And then it's down to business. What's in store for us at the 2021 version of the event? Which matches should you have an eye on? Are we likely to see many surprise entrants this year? And who are the favourites to outlast 29 other competitors and get a title

shot at WrestleMania?

The WWE Royal Rumble is one of the most universally beloved shows in wrestling every year and we're thrilled to have Kevin Michie here to help us get you prepared.

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