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Stillness in the Storms of Life
Episode 113th June 2019 • Stillness in the Storms • Steven Webb
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Why Stillness in the Storms?

Storms happen, life is not always sunshine and roses. If you want to be truly happy, we need to learn how to deal with the storms rather than trying to wish life always being the perfect conditions.

About Steven Webb the host

Stephen is somebody that has been through so much in life, when you hear a story you would not believe. He broke his neck when he was 18, ending up severely paralysed and permanently using an electric wheelchair.

That was after his family was homeless, living in a caravan when he was seven years old. If that was not enough, Steven's grandad committed suicide when Steven was 12. The one person he was closest to in the family.

Then returning home from hospital after becoming paralysed Stephen got on with a normal life, until eventually becoming bankrupt, losing his business and then finally hitting rock bottom becoming single at the age of 40.

It was a rough journey, but with many highs and there is nobody more positive and happy than Steven on a daily basis.

This podcast, it is where he shares his experience and the way he sees life. Through meditation, mindfulness and his writing Steven helps people all over the world find their inner peace.