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Affording College with Aaron Greene - College Liftoff 21st August 2019
Your Questions Answered - How Do We Get More Money For College?
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Your Questions Answered - How Do We Get More Money For College?

We've received a lot of questions this summer.

But one of the questions that we've seen most often is from the parents of students who are already committed to a school, and are asking how do they get more money.

Aaron is joined by Alex and Paige during this episode to answer some often asked questions about college planning, including the when's and the why's.

During each episode, Aaron Greene, Founder and CEO at College Liftoff, and his staff of counselors help students and families reduce the cost of higher education, navigate the application process, and make well-rounded decisions by evaluating the modern metrics of education.

College Liftoff emerged from Aaron’s desire to help students learn to treat education like an investment, accounting for the career, academic, and financial factors that shape this decision. He has also forged a debt control calculation to set student loan debt limits for each student. College Liftoff opened its first office in Columbus, Ohio in May 2009.

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