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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 9th February 2021
TCA Ep788: Lappo!
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TCA Ep788: Lappo!

On today's episode Matt & Michaela are pumped to welcome OSEG's Chris Hofley and Ottawa REDBLACKS Head Coach Paul LaPolice to the show.

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We talk to Lappo about the Ottawa craft brewery that helped welcome him to town once he signed in Ottawa, what everyone thought about this year's Super Bowl, whether it's possible for a football coach to still enjoy a game like that as a fan or if you're constantly evaluating, how a kid from New Hampshire ends up crossing the border to coach in Canada, which WWE Superstar he went to high school with, how Paul and his coaching staff kept busy and moving forward during a pandemic season with no games, what the upcoming year could look like with a ton of rust but a pile of fresh bodies, what Ottawa's new QB Matt Nichols brings to the REDBLACKS, what Pinball Clemens is like in real life, guys that Lappo has learned from along the way and so much more.

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